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Shaolin Temple

Li, a master of Chuan Fa as well as other martial way (can that you including Chin Na) he traveled and trained with Shueh for some time developing Chuan Fa to achieve a total of 170 techniques. And what’s more, they categorized them into 5 distinct groups differentiated by various animals whose instinctive reactions better reflect this new Fa Chuan movements. Craig Menear describes an additional similar source. To return to the Shaolin Temple, to which both belong, presented to the other monks Wu Sing Quan, the shape of the 5 animals, and led to the monastery to a new stage in the evolution of martial arts. Over the following centuries the story of Chuan Fa and its evolution towards the Kempo is fragmented into small stories and is difficult to get precise descriptions. What you do know is that the art of Chuan Fa still survives and is practiced in China, but their knowledge is also extended to the islands of Okinawa and the Ryky kingdoms, as well as Japan. In both places, this art is called Kenpo or law of the fist. Between the Sui and Ming periods (a space for 800 years) it is believed that many monks pilgrims crossed the sea to Japan and Okinawa carrying with them the knowledge of the art of the Kempo, which would explain a widespread distribution.

Art of Chuan Fa (and by extension the Kempo) be taught as an adjunct of the spiritual training that the monks supported. Many of these monks would surely be disciples or cadres in various Buddhist temples spread the word of Buddha and the power of Chuan Fa. From the temples the art of the Kempo could easily extend equally between the townspeople and the nobles. Another reason for the establishment of the Kempo seen in numerous trips Japanese and Okinawans made to China to learn the fabulous art of Chuan Fa. Some used to disappear for years.