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Special Project Interior Design

Repair of apartments above all it is not shopping and not with the choice of builders. For example, a dialogue with the builder: – How much will it cost you your job? That will result in repair? – It depends on the materials chosen and the amount of work – reasonably corresponds to the builder. Interior Design – is a project of repairing the premises, after which there will be problems neither you nor the builders-repairers. You can sum up the Frequently asked questions:” What is included in the project?>> “Time frame:>>” What is included in the price?>> Etc. Let’s try to tell you how to create interior design in the city of Saratov your home, office, restaurant, step by step: The technical part: 1. You choose the designer for design studio interior, which decided to cooperate, viewing objects made by this designer (live or photo). On the recommendation of a friend or website.

Find out the price list of services. Focus on their impressions of the works: – How long runs an interior designer in Saratov, – how many objects are made – were only the projects or facilities made available to the end, turnkey>> etc. 2. Departure of the expert on the subject. No one who respects himself will not do Special Project Interior Design without going on the eye of someone else’s plan or transfer E-mail from another city. Because only on the ground can see the state apartments and the necessary changes in its interior. 3. Plan of arrangement of furniture, kitchens, sanitary ware born together with the creation of the project of interior design.

Here, sometimes the purpose of changing rooms (does not fit a kitchen or a large bathroom on this area). In general, all individually. 5. The style of the object, the external image is laid in early work. Do I need to work with the ceiling? Draw the builders cuts and circuits that could understand the principle of installation? Art piece: 1. In recent years, the division of the interior design project in Saratov on 2 of reasonable, because Today an urgent customer need to know “what and where>>. And then only Selection and description of the material occurs only in conjunction with the customer (preferably other family members, and because they live in it). 2. After running, trips to the shops and disputes are born still plan to floor coverings, and scan the walls in the bathrooms to the number of part numbers and materials. 3. The explanatory note indicates the wall coverings, color and name, and – in what shop they chose and approved by the customer. So an experienced foreman, by reading the draft, can buy everything myself, if you have with him such an agreement on supply. 4. Sketch of property includes traced watercolor your brand-new design space in the apartment. With those materials, and color (and sometimes furniture) you have chosen. You get into the hands of the project, pay off with a designer, happy with each other, and wait embodiment of a construction firm designed the interior design.

Modern Loft

Does anyone remember the Soviet "mezzanine"? Ugly box above the door or a corridor to the kitchen, where years of accumulated old things. A sober look at the mezzanine returned to her original meaning, which was found former French designers, the same upper mezzanine home. Now mezzanine design can easily become a bedroom, library or child, in general, an extra room in the same housing. From the point of view of architecture and design, the interior mezzanine increasingly interested in the form of structures that are used as a place to work and play within the overall space of the apartment. Comes a kind of "second floor "inside the room. It is interesting that in modern apartments with mezzanine hunting creates a spacious premises, and in the small: in the first case, the owners are driven entirely understandable desire for economy and convenience, but in vtrom – has a curious ability to dilute the classical layout of the unusual architecture of the space. Naturally, to equip a house mezzanine, where you can arrange another room, housing should be from the beginning meet certain essential conditions.

First of all, the height of the ceiling and quality floor. The first thing you need to ensure that finished design would not look too kutse, the second – that it was elementary reliable and could cope with any weight. There is often a temptation to build a loft apartment in an old house so-called historic building with a ceiling height of 4-5 m.

Times Online

Footage with alpha channel overlays masks, titles, and elements of the transaction. Footage without an alpha channel can be used as the substrate-backgrounds basic composition, titles, menus, dvd, and also serve as the basis for the original overlay mask, through the so-called cutting through the background, a gradient mask (matte track). Most of the footage is a video composition of cyclic type, ie, entrance and exit points perfectly match the motion. As a result of multiple inserts, Times Online (Time line) of the same footage, the duration of the composition can be increased to the desired length. How to make friends with the footage? Quality and well-made film – a collection of very many elements and factors. Of course, in the first place – is the foundation story (or script) and high-quality footage working material. However, an important factor in the end, the best perception of the viewer submitted material, is mounting. Create a special mood and convey the fullness of sensations you need help Beautiful special effects and appropriate music.

And just footage and smart sound most effectively cope with such tasks. Limitless possibilities that are opened in front of an editor using the data elements not only given the chance to raise the film to a new level, but in many cases, help to solve more complex problems associated – namely, to correct some mistakes made by operators. Verily footage – it’s universal solution for the processing of any video material, they desperately needed all those who in any way associated with amateur or professional video production. Using the footage could not only diversify the film and make it more original, but also hide some of the mistakes made during filming. This means that during installation can significantly transform, revitalize and beautify even not very well shot and quality film fragments. However, I would also warn you of an empty mechanical use of these technologies in large numbers, crudely and inappropriately. You should not throw footage mindlessly to the right and left during the movie. Everything should be in moderation and in the same artistic style.

Footage – this is a very powerful weapon, and weapons of joke is not accepted the pockets if you footage? To purchase a good camera you have already spent no small amount of money. But buying the right pc for your home studio even more shocked your family budget. And now there is a new unexpected question – About the footage? At the famous western sites this whole looks very attractive But the price? The acquisition of such a snappy prices can not be embedded in the head of an average from cis countries. And viewing sites ending chagrin. As a result, many people come to the conclusion that all this is beyond their means. But in vain! After all, you can buy much cheaper. All of the same foreign manufacturers in many cases make it very big discounts. Some companies sell their footage, generally, less expensive (but most wholesale or her regular clients). And such customers or clients, we are becoming – studios and companies that use in their work and realize the footage for other individuals and companies, but at prices much lower than paid abroad. So your dream of a beautiful and stylish footage is very real and viable.