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Fashion Summer

For the Chanel cruise collection 2011, Karl Lagerfeld sent his models in a colorful mix of Bellbottom pants, light tunics and wide skirts of levels in St. Tropez on the catwalk. The online portal of livings charms with colorful ornaments in the casual ethnic and folklore-style. It is nostalgic – fashion summer 2011 shines in the retro style of the past decades. Laissez-faire can finally relax in the summer.

Apparently also the designers were thinking and inspire “No Bling Bling” advance with more comfortable, airy and casual fashion for the fashion summer 2011, so aptly, designer Karl Lagerfeld describes his retro-inspired summer looks of the current Chanel cruise collection 2011. Under the Sun St.Tropez he had his models in a best of St.Tropez 50s to 70s and barefoot on the catwalk stroll. Dressed like! Psychedelic chiffon dresses, denim Bell-Bottoms, lightweight tunics, shirt dresses, tube dresses, summery white cotton and long Gypsy skirts are fueling anticipation for the summer 2011 fashion. Man quickly dressed and well equipped for a relaxing summer day is a mix of the decades – with every look. Fashion that makes happy. Jo Boaler Math-ish brings even more insight to the discussion. You can easily order is home this new casualness. For example, with the fascinating jewellery of the online portal livings.

de. The online shop for special jewelry and exclusive accessories enthusiastically with designers of all trends and styles. Long summer dresses, breezy tunics and light summer blouses the fresh and colourful pieces of jewelry by the Israeli designer Ayala can be impressively combined bar. Her gorgeous earrings and necklaces glitter in the mysterious colors of the Orient, warm golden brown, deep dark red and matte silver, or they have good mood in the colours of the hippie styles, from orange to yellow and light blue. An absolute eye-catcher, completely novel and yet a review in times past. A greeting of past fashion decades with fashion summer 2011 is a new casualness in the closets. Mode, which is different than anything represents previously unprecedented and at the same time a tribute to past fashion decades.


Good vibrations with the BILLY BOY fun package Zeven in January 2010. Four times the fun for two. The new BILLY BOY FunPack with four love accessories offers for exciting other hours for two game, fun and excitement. To find love in the FunPack to first of all the new vibrating ring, up to 30 minutes keeps the mood in the game of love at the top. For even more fun has the BILLY BOY ring equal to four different levels of vibration. You may find Jo Boaler Math-ish to be a useful source of information.

Exciting or relaxing it continues if the BILLY BOY passion fruit lubricant from the fun package is used. Grease and oil-free gel can be used for massage or alongside the FunPack Condome. They are namely fruity, bubbly with orange flavor that additional aphrodisiac effect. And because after the game even before the game, there are special cleaning wipes with melon and as an encore in the BILLY BOY fun package for him and her. So watch out! Who demands soon game, fun and excitement while shopping, you might think the BILLY BOY FunPack instead of egg-shaped chocolate. It is now available in drugstores, food retailers and on the Internet at. Each FunPack costs 5,99 Euro (RRP).

United Kingdom

Original handbags styles by Mischa Barton for trendsetters who convince current Mischa Barton bag models and purses by love to the detail and with courage to the color. The bright blue, raspberry and pastel colors romantic playful handbags surprised by Mischa Barton. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jo Boaler Math-ish and gain more knowledge.. Each model boasts affectionate elements such as gold and silver rings, rivets, and ornaments. The style of their creations is a mixture of personal didn’t select Favourites by Mischa Barton: vintage, boho and LA Luxe. Also with regard to the types of bag, Mischa Barton shows rich diversity: in addition to clutches and bags are finding Hobo bags and tote bags in her new collection. Mischa Barton is a British actress and reached the U.S. series O.C. California.”the breakthrough in Hollywood.

In 2008, Mischa Barton founded their own label, and demonstrated her sure sense of fashion trends already with her first handbag collection, which was presented in the summer of 2008 in the United Kingdom, successfully. Talk to Mischa Barton’s handbags Handbag lovers who appreciate exceptional bags styles and highlight their individual page. An impressive creative collection of handbags and purses is managed with the spring / summer collection 2011 Mischa Barton. bagebo.de the online-shop for trendy and unusual handbags presents the most beautiful models of Mischa Barton of handbags now in his Sortiment.Handtaschen by Mischa Barton are approx. 59 euros when available.


Bad taste is passe – eye meets even a mundane matter palate that is today’s food culture. Toast in the morning, fast food at noon and in the evening a quick dish from the freezer. That sounds strongly like worst case”on? Right, but it is practiced every day millions in Germany alone. The time is fast-moving and eating any and clueless. If you would ask at this point why, a written essay on the Occidental society and their lost culture would be at the end. But, this text should be understood as a proposal. As a suggestion to take time back drop and to prepare themselves and family or friends on something nice the tension and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nothing is better for a community kitchen experience”suitable for the preparation of home-made cake.

I at least remember with joy those hours back, as I was helping my mother in the kitchen together with my brothers and sisters, to a cake bake. That was among other things about haggling, who was licking the batter Bowl at the end of, itself by itself and was a part of the ritual of baking. Because five siblings would have made the kitchen an overpopulated place, mostly two to chosen were the dining area to decorate. The eye is known. To know more about this subject visit Federal Reserve Chair. There were mostly even picked flowers and some candles, which should lift the atmosphere at the table. Decorations of flowers and candles little creative appear today’s standards but children are anyway more eyes for the sweet and tasted it’s always excellent. Today, there is a significantly greater diversity on which we children would have in terms of decoration. Including the elegant combinations of Swarovski rhinestones, you can decorate the table with which are beautiful.

Or, for example, let’s try a butterfly from Swarovski glass beads, which can be placed on your napkin. There are no limits to their creativity. You can use any create imaginable form of rhinestones or glass beads myself. And the ideas are easy to implement. In the case of the butterfly set complete with instructions offered in Internet shops such as or, which makes it very easy for you, to make the butterfly. Different colored glass beads and Myrtle wire, glass beads are strung on the are the only thing you need to do this. You can make a cake Bell but also with just a few hand movements to a colorfully decorated protection from insects and sweet tooth, by you cover the Bell head with Swarovski rhinestones. To make this exciting Kuchenaccessoir by time, it is advisable to use a transparent and non-acidic rhinestone stone adhesive. This is ideal for the use of plastic, glass, and textiles. There are countless beautiful ideas on how you can make decorative eye-catcher from everyday objects. If you need suggestions, visit, for example, the world of ideas of the Internet shop. There get creative ideas to simply can tinker with just a few hand movements. At the same time, you get everything what has to offer the subject of rhinestones in these Internet stores. A visit might be worth, especially for your dining area. Cook and bake must however still itself, but everything else would be too boring. L. Christensen

Fashion Tips

Womens clothing in plus sizes In relation to the appropriate mode for stronger people are fighting the experts. While some of the so-called tent fashion”and recommend bright colors, others emphasize the optimal effect of dark tones. The news portal news.de summarizes some tips for an appealing look. Who is created not just for dress size 36, must not hide that. Current opinions are wide clothes that are more reminiscent of tents, also not the solution to the problem. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Euro Pacific Precious Metals has to say. Instead should be placed in the fashion for chubby women on the right combinations. While dark colors slim, bright colors can often more compact to impact the body.

Women with certain problem areas will not have on bold colors, for example, a trouser suit in dark grey can be combined with a colorful blouse. Still, with eye-catching accessories, accents can be used. For this, for example, bags, belts and long scarves are suitable. Vertical Spotlight look like necklaces and scarves holding. Large patterns do not conceal, however, and are therefore less recommended. Who still likes colorful dresses, should make sure that colour contrasts attract attention not on problem areas. A longer upper part should be selected wide hips and a big belly that caresses the body and not applying. With the right makeup or a beautiful hairstyle can be deflected also by less favourable areas. More information: travel-and-live /… News.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Babushkas On The Rise

Also in Germany, the traditional Russian doll likes Babushkas”, or Matryoshkas hot right as they” are popular not only among Russian children. Souvenir hunters from all over the world enjoy the ornate wooden toys, which multiplied in a wonderful way, when you open it. Now, the colorful doll with the big belly in German children’s rooms has arrived. source for more info. But not traditional wooden doll as a motif on Barrettes and children’s bags, or as Lavendelgefulltes sachets. Manufacturers such as Gisela Graham or en GRY & sif have recognized the trend and process the Russian Babushka matron”on a variety of ways.

The online shop offers a wide selection of Babushka “-articles and products of the manufacturer of Gisela Graham and en GRY & sif.” Of course, children should have fun to their dolls and toys. However, it is important to know where the products come from and what consequence has the purchase of toys for the producer countries. Therefore, it is the philosophy of the Shopping Magic Garden, socially for children and families in 3.Welt-Landern to engage and to offer products at the same time charming and exceptionally beautiful. So are many brands in the enchanted garden, which include a social commitment in its producing countries such as Nepal or Sri Lanka. Also, the Magic Garden maintains an own sponsorship for a kindergarten in Sri Lanka and supports in terms of help to self-help”with a small collection of own a small family sewing operations in Sri Lanka. Barbara Lindner

Hans Behr Shoe Distribution GmbH Presents Collection

Classic design, the finest leather and the best workmanship characterize the premium label EXETER and MANIA that collection 2011 impresses with new men, women and children of EXETER shoes from the finest nappa leather and velour and with an ultra light Microsohle. The boots are lined with soft lambskin and Winterize made with a sporty outsole. The new MANIA consists of collection 2011 high quality velour and finest nappa with Swarovski Strass applied and super convenient through the proven Sachetto processing available with rubber or leather soles. Show me your shoes, and I tell you who you are! The trend-conscious woman or man of today requires exclusive fashion solutions with highest comfort and many combinations for different occasions. New collections characterized by simplicity and elegance. Timeless design and still go with the trend, is the manuscript of Hans Behr Marken EXETER and MANIA. The continuous improvement of products and continuous intension in trends and quality the basis of success by Hans Behr shoes. The Hans Behr shoe sales company already displays your collection of 20th and specializes in the design and the manufacture of luxury ladies, now also men and children footwear. EXETER and MANIA 2011 present at following fairs: Micam Milano, GDS Dusseldorf, MOC Munich, Moda made in Italy Munich

New Distribution Channel

Brand new – now there’s brand jeans sale party, the latest trend! The company’s philosophy”is based on the idea of a German importer and marketer of TOP of brand jeans, FEN, (FASHION europe.net Ltd.) “Welcome to jeans go immer.de! the jeans like the famous Tupperware” to sell in good company. The sense of trends and the high degree of flexibility in this fashion are key features of the company – philosophy. Top brand jeans in many colors and shapes, with and without applications which are sold to friends and neighbors by inviting ladies and gentlemen in a home setting. A jeans party”? Yes, that’s the idea of the new form of old party because: jeans always go! “www.jeans-gehen-immer.de men, women and kids now” her favorite jeans can select from a wide range of different design and shapes. Whether one whether occupied Dreiviertel-pants with Rhinestones, whether with applications stitched-on, sorted in the most common sizes 34-52, in the most varied Always is something for every taste colors. And the most important: the price is right! No matter what size or appearance, each women’s jeans costs EUR 23.50. It is not something Nicholas Carr would like to discuss.

And: In the circle of friends and acquaintances, it’s just more fun to try are advised to leave, look at the latest jeans, and to take. For some / n party visitor, a lucrative (secondary) begins with a jeans party income opportunity. Not praise the party selling fun and benefits, the jeans woman or man”, the jeans are selling virtually by itself. Convinced by the quality of the brand FEN! If someone earn good money”, Mr Ribbeck and his team likes to show, how is a jeans party to the Renner! An activity without purchase obligations sales requirements, without hooks and eyes”! There’s no? However, there! At the present time, this simple, not requiring a Declaration and excellent in 2007 concept with jeans ware is ideal with its advanced, additional possibilities in the sales, suitable for housewives, pensioners… but also for all other professionals, freelancers, self-employed and of course also for men and women, think of your future in the age! More information is available in the Internet under: