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The Machine

They fixed the tank. After their unscrew the tank must be hung on springs, that is his position. The holes, of which vykrucheny bolts choke attached plastic inserts. At the bottom of some car models are Styrofoam blocks, they too must be removed. To this end, the car leans forward and remove them.

Installing a washing machine at the bottom of the machine is a filter, which, as recommended by the manufacturer, it is necessary periodically cleaned. Therefore, esly You have not yet done repair, I recommend to build a pedestal for a washing machine. We faced such a problem when the pedestal was absent. When opening the filter, the remaining water was so much and podlezt cloth, or put some capacity or when the machine is just standing on the floor, almost impossible. Machine to work more quietly and do not prygalapri spinning when clothes are unevenly distributed, I recommend you lay under the car a special anti-vibration pad. From my own experience I say, the thing just super. Moreover it is universal, suitable for narrow car, and under wide.

To install a narrow machine must be simply cut off the part shown on the photo. Before connecting the machine to align. It makes no using the legs. They serve to adjust the machine level. Deviation of the machine should not exceed 2 '. For large deviations machine will vibrate faster will wear out the bearings. To visualize the horizontal alignment (bent in!), You can use a plate with a rim.