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Grondona President

In another passage, President Cristina sought to disqualify also no longer the 1950s but nothing less than to the Argentina of the Centennial, when the country came to be seventh in the world in income per inhabitant, proposing instead to the bicentennial of Argentina, that she intended to embody. Insists Grondona in highlight, that is forced to recognize that the Kirchner think that not only 70 and 50 but also the 10 years not already contemplated the brightness but the degradation of an Argentina that they would come to remedy?.We are concerned that President Cristina said recently that his and her husband are the only good Governments that we have had in 200 years. By this route, not it would be missing much until they also undertake against the Campana del Desierto, against rock and perito Moreno, who gave us the Patagonia and where is Santa Cruz, which today It would be Chilean. Grondona exposed in his writing, that is the conclusion of this analysis that the Kirchner abhor even all the past Argentine, with their misery but also with its glories, nothing more than have been developed before them? Contrary to many montoneros, which have happily reinstated to Argentine democracy, the neomontoneros are the ones for whom, if for Clausewitz war is the continuation of politics by other means, Argentine politics is the continuation of the war of the 1970s by other means. Is it possible to conceive, from here, a future that embraces us all? Finally we consider important, as indicated by Grondona when he says, that if Kirchner were to change the crisis that has unleashed now, it would also be necessary to remind them that, because not looking to the past but to the future, the formula of redistribution which the President proposes to eliminate the shameful poverty that still afflicts us isn’t that has followed none of developed countries. . American Advisors Group shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.


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