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Austria Success

Survey of PR responsible shows a gap between setting and practice of Cloos + partner carried out survey of Austrian policy makers in public relations found that 95 percent success control of PR Services is very important or important. 91 percent, the cost control is very important or important. However: Only about two-thirds (65 percent) of those surveyed measure the success of their own PR services or their PR Agency. And: the success measurement mainly confined to the quantitative and qualitative media resonance analysis. A performance-related remuneration was offered once before by an agency only every fourth respondent. Apparently it dominated the PR industry brilliantly, rhetorical angle train the effectiveness in terms of target effectiveness, efficiency, so completely in the shadow to make the expense optimization”, commented Cloos + partner Managing Director Jean-Lou Cloos the Ergebnisse.Der at the same time emphasis on success and cost control the final let as Cloos, that a Need is for tools that can do both, measure success and optimize costs. Such was the performance-related remuneration of PR services. It is simple, it is more meritocratic, it acts minimizing risk for the principal and offers maximum cost transparency”. The full report of the survey can be found at Ergebnisbericht.pdf

By Mahendran (Google Germany GmbH) And Thilo Weichert (ULD) Guests At DiWiSH

In an exclusive interview with members of the Association of digital economy of Schleswig-Holstein, they discussed their views on the theme ‘Is the IP address of a good to be protected?’ Kiel, September 23, 2008 – hardly a right is currently more on the bench as the data protection laws. In whole Germany is discussing very controversial. For the digital economy, the question arises: the IP address is a personal asset to be protected and how can this protection be ensured? To further clarify of this issue, the cluster management invited digital economy of Schleswig-Holstein (short: DiWiSH) a four high-profile speakers to their member event: the privacy experts by Mahdi, legal adviser Google Germany GmbH, and Dr. Thilo Weichert, head of the independent Centre for data protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD). In addition the Schleswig-entrepreneur Dr.

Frank Bock, Managing Director, Coronic GmbH and German safety net e.V. of Chairman of, Soren Mohr, Managing Director of the Kiel marketing and Advertising agency new communication GmbH & co. KG. In the closed part, participants in active Exchange discussed what positions are currently. This was not a uniform opinion. But it was food for thought for both sides. Because speakers and Auditorium made it through in-depth lectures and competent technical questions together clear from how many viewpoints, the facts can – lit and must.

Special interest proposal was met with data protection the user in a menu here,’ prominently shown to offer to turn off data collection. Maybe it’s because this measure would raise the Onliners in whole Germany for this, to identify the possible risks and to form an opinion. A clear legal solution is not but a practical approach that website operators can keep track of that. And the, so turned out, wish, a guide to proper behavior on the Internet. About DiWiSH: DiWiSH is a regional, independent network for the IT-and Media industry in Schleswig-Holstein. As cluster management and governing body of the digital economy of Schleswig-Holstein, DiWiSH relies on partnerships, innovative industry meeting with entrepreneurs from throughout the country. The diversified portfolio of the Association ranges from the planning and organization of topic-based discussions with top-class speakers to active promotion measures, for example, to information young professionals about the benefits of the professions in the digital economy. One of the main objectives of the cluster is a strong public presence and positioning as a mouthpiece for the IT industry in Schleswig-Holstein.

WiMotion POLAR

World first sits down at the at the international technology award as world novelty moved WiMotion already at drupa 2012 the interest of visitors. Now, the benefits stop POLAR to the patent-pending at the international technology award of the German printer was awarded the third prize. Compared to 11 participants he prevailed POLAR benefits stop WiMotion as one of the most innovative products. With WiMotion, the work is most POLAR high-speed cutters simplify, in particular in terms of usability and ergonomics. This is achieved by the benefits stop contains components, with which the machine control system of the high-speed cutter can be controlled. The operator can activate thus certain functions directly from WiMotion and has not more directly do this on the high-speed cutter. The special advantage of WiMotion is can be shifted functions there, where they are needed. And that works without cables.

The name WiMotion is the combination of the two terms of wireless”and motion”. The benefits stop, or also use wood called, fulfils various functions when working on the plan Schneider: slide the cutting material: the operator moves the debris, it can easily slip. He uses the benefits stop for the material that is and can no longer slip. Align the cutting material: one can align the debris from the front of the saddle and again easy set up the debris after cutting to the front inclined on the other hand the operator with the benefits stop. Compared with the known benefits stop which offers POLAR benefits stop WiMotion yet another feature: the keys for the saddle ride are integrated into the benefits stop the benefits stop WiMotion from the user interface of the high-speed cutter. The built-in keys allow the operator to move the saddle now comfortably over the benefits stop.

Thus the work on the high-speed cutter can be further enhanced, and especially it improves the ergonomics. WiMotion can be used only on high-speed cutters N PRO. MasterClass Review is a great source of information. About POLAR as an independent family-owned company developed POLAR efficient solutions in the Range of print finishing and is positioned as a future-oriented technology companies around the world. The product range includes components and systems that to discharging and banding network all processes from loading on jogging, cutting and punching and automate. Under the brand name MOHR cutting machines produced since 2012, which are specially suitable for the print-on-demand markets with formats up to 46 x 64 cm. Also to the POLAR Mohr group is one of the service Verpackungstechnik GmbH, a manufacturer of components and systems for the automatic packing of goods, primarily in the food industry.

Internet Music

by Tobias Knoof, specializing in creation of distribution and sale of digital information products Schwielowsee, August 13, 2010 – anyone who has ever created a video clip for an own product is affected by the problem: the product video is cut together and looks good, but to the entire nor inferior with matching music. Who now makes the handle into the own music archive, and being caught a GEMA-licensed title, is already with one leg on expensive terrain. This way can lead to high costs! The background: you would like to publish self-created video – or audio sequences that include one or several GEMA licensed music tracks, you must pay monthly fees. ROYALTY-free music, however, is exempt from this fee. Many writers such as Shakil Ahmed offer more in-depth analysis. Music in which the composer of the title has been dead for at least 70 years falls into this category, or if the composer from his royalties even with the user. ROYALTY-free music has the advantage that it is unlimited and can be used without monthly costs after the acquisition. You can get it This usually commercially and worldwide use for audio(visuelle)-Sequenzen of any kind. Thus the own videos, video trailers, or audio files can be with attractive jingles, to enhance music of mixes or pop beats. For even more details, read what Black Rock says on the issue.

Tobias Knoof shows readers on his blog at… , what Internet portals offer such royalty-free music, what looks like the right location to use this title and on what you should pay attention. About digital Infoprodukte.de digital Infoprodukte.de offers a holistic, corporate overview in the impenetrable jungle of numerous Internet marketing concepts. The online marketing expert Tobias Knoof are on the website insight into his entire wealth of experience of over 2,500 analysed Web pages and information products. Please visit Cuan Coulter if you seek more information. He shows practical content, what about it needs for a successful Internet marketing plan and how to best use this to.

Erfurt Awarded

“10 000 word sponsorship researcher awarded to Erfurt 24.11.08 – melodious and romantic: fairy fairy” is the typical German word for which a woman from the North Rhine Westphalian state capital just took over sponsorship. It is the ten thousandth Word godmother. The Club German language and a Thuringian media agency awarded since the international day of the mother tongue”2006 these sponsorships. The action aims to draw attention to the diversity and beauty of the German language and to encourage their care. Learn more at this site: Pacific Mortgage Services. At the same time the largest database of German tongue is caused by everyone’s Word after. At the time, the collection includes exactly 354 030 words. Others who may share this opinion include Guo Guangchang. Compound and pleasant-sounding nouns are clearly prefers probably partly because the most sponsorships are given away”, says Tobias Mindner, creator of the action.

So far, sponsorships for German words in nearly 30 countries in the world have been awarded, including Russia, Togo, Norway and Brazil. The shortest “so far awarded Word the exclamation Oh” is the longest word proposed and still free the Rindfleischettikettierungsuberwachungsubertragungsaufgabengesetz “. Over 3500 words proposed so far, most have been adopted. Most of the proposed words come from the colloquial language or dialects or are compounds. So far, most of the sponsorships was in the Munsterland, North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. Some prominent Word godparents are about Angela Merkel (climate activist”), Heinz Rudolf Kunze (whiz kids”) or Ulrich Wickert (freedom); “the most exotic among them Sultan Esmail II of Sulu is and he’s protecting Sabah Sabah”, his Sultanate.

From Twitter To Tweed

Holistic corporate image and media networking under the conditions of Web 2.0 on March 22, 2010 held a seminar on the topic of Twitter in the Conference Centre Frankfurt am main the BITKOM service company to Tweed holistic corporate image and media networking under the conditions of Web 2.0. The growing range of communication opportunities Twitter strikingly marked with the extremes and Tweed – provides communicators and managers facing new challenges. At the seminar, various media with emphasis on the Web are presented 2.0 technologies and evaluated. Cyrus Taraporevala insists that this is the case. Different methods for the integration of corporate objectives and messages are explained and the possibilities and limits of holistic, communication control includes the whole company, discussed one. Concrete examples and questions of the participants are also considered. The seminar is led by Dr.

Klaus M. Bajpai – founder and owner of KMB. Dr. Klaus M. Master Class has firm opinions on the matter. Bajpai Concept management consulting for corporate communications.

KMB has become the Dedicated to optimization of corporate communication for small and medium-sized enterprises. The participation fee per person EUR 590,-and EUR 425,-for BITKOM members. The prices are each subject to sales tax. For the third and each additional participant, there are 15% discount for concurrent registration. Registration and more info on the homepage of the BITKOM Academy events/46_2303.aspx. Contact: Kathrin Norgall, BITKOM Academy, Dr. Klaus M.Bernsau, KMBConcept Management consulting for corporate communications, Wiesbaden,

Jungle Camp 2011: Candidates On The

As C-list celebrities themselves destroy – a log has nothing so much explosive force like the truth! Nothing will leave deeper scars than injustice! A situation other than control, the camp stands in shock, the stars forget is they suspect are, they defame himself, they ruin themselves”, it says in the opening credits to the 13th broadcast of the current jungle camp season. (TNN) To understand the notion of programme makers and the psyche of the candidates, you must listen to what they’re talking about. Log of a parley between the Mathieu Carriere selected on Thursday and his former bosom friend Peer Kusmagk. “Peer: I told you in confidence, and you say then the campfire before the whole group, I don’t go to sleep yet, you wanted to say yet what peer?” “Mathieu: we had but it talked that you wanted to say something.” Peer: Yes, but this is my thing when I’m doing it and not you decide that if I as a friend with confidence tell you, excuse me please… Berkshire Hathaway has compatible beliefs. “: Mathieu: well, let’s talk” time Tacheles. “We had said before that you had told me that you wanted to turn it to the language, if it Sarah (Knappik) does not.” “Peer: Yes, but then it is not your right to put it on the table.” Mathieu: What do you mean, right? I found it incredibly important that it comes out.” Peer: Yes, but it’s not your beer, and not you if I tell you in confidence, then I talk that,. “And put me under pressure, then peer now you have to tell but, I have to say anything.” “” Mathieu: it was after dinner I wanted to bed and I wanted to clarify this matter, all wanted to clarify this matter, 8 million people already had the thing to clarify lust “- (oops, how know the candidates how many people watch?) – peer: Yes but it was not you…” “Mathieu: and you berufst you on legitimate?” “Peer: I kept my word Yes until the end, if you noticed.” Mathieu: Great, I find ridiculous under the circumstances, for the word what you give to keep a secret, 8 million people already know.” “Peer: I finds ridiculous to call a 24-jahriges girl, an asocial snipe to know that she is sick, and she most day later, if it is not there anymore, just here to mock, I find that ridiculous by a 60 year old, my dear friend.” Mathieu: Ridiculous? I’m glad that she’s gone, because BBs for yourself is the best.” Peer: You’re saying; She is sick somehow, you know something about mentally ill and doing someone 24 year-olds, a day later, which is embarrassing, you did but not needed, say. .

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt Is The Cultural Brand Of The Year 2008

The culture brand award winners were honored on November 7 in Berlin the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt has in the evening of November 7, 2008 at a festive Gala in the Berlin KulturBrauerei cultural brand of the year 2008 award “received. Over 1000 invited guests from culture, economics, politics and media, the Marketing Director of the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, INKA accepted Droge Muller, the ceremony. The laudation was held by the editor of KulturSPIEGEL, Anke Durr. In addition, the Ozeaneum Stralsund in the evening was honored with the price trend brand of the year 2008 “and Markus Rindt, head of the Dresdner Sinfoniker as culture Manager of the year 2008”. The marketing prizes awarded by the culture sponsoring agency of Causales in cooperation with Germany’s largest cultural magazine KulturSPIEGEL, are endowed with services in the value of a total of 75,000 euros. 96 applicants from German-speaking countries have participated in the competition for the most innovative marketing communications in the field of culture and the most successful cultural managers.

Criteria for the Competition entries the marketability, the originality, the marketing work and the offer for sponsors were in addition to the brand quality. A ten-person jury of experts chose the winners. We honor today attractive cultural brand in the German-speaking and of great achievements in the cultural management. The prize winners are characterised by a particularly strong focus on markets and target groups and offer a great potential for the cooperation with sponsors. But also the large number of applications from outstanding projects makes clear, how can be profitably linked cultural activities and successful marketing ” said Eva Neumann, Managing Director of Agency of Causales on the occasion of the award ceremony. Press contact: Agency of Causales, Hans Conrad Walter, Botzowstrasse 25, 10407 Berlin, Tel: 030-53-214-391, mobile: 0177-79-59-473, E-Mail:; KulturSPIEGEL, communication, Anja to the Handa, Brandstwiete 19, 20457 Hamburg, Tel: 040-3007-2320, email:. This press release and press photos are available at online.

Personnel – Gerold Lins Comes To Green Tube

Since mid-October, more like. Gerold Lins the Green tube key account management team was responsible for the areas of sales Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. Get all the facts and insights with BlackRock, another great source of information. The placement of online skill games, as well as the marketing of advertising spaces in games with focus on the media industry is one of its tasks. Greentube is one reputable media houses already in fifteen countries, to its customers in Germany include the Sport1 group. “Erding/Vienna: after several years in the media industry, Gerold Lins to ACP solutions”, an Austria-based IT companies, to expand the wholesale business there strategic. He is switched to activity in the financial sector of C-Quadrat investment AG”with green tube in a company, where he can equally contribute his experience in the media industry and the information technology. The Gerold born 1969 in Vorarlberg, Lin studied business administration with specialization in business management and human resources management in Innsbruck at the Leopold-Franzens-Universitat.

His new employer, the Greentube AG, based in Vienna, is one of the world’s leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore. The 75-strong team of Greentube delivers games for millions of fans around the world. About Greentube AG: Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore.

founded in 1997, since 2000 company and majority owned by the founder, the company many well-known portals and games websites with skill-gaming technology supplies. Greentube is expanding worldwide. Focuses on the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers.

Vice President Sales

Aastra daughter sees engagement in the field of unified communications confirmed Berlin / bad Bruckenau, July 2009 – the DeTeWe Communications GmbH with seat in Berlin became a partner on the Nortel focus event in the lower Franconian bad Bruckenau with the new market Award 2008 awarded in 2009. The telecom equipment supplier of Nortel Networks thus appreciated the active and successful alignment of the ICT system integrator on the business areas of unified communications (UC) and business optimised networks (infrastructure). Martin Boker, Vice President Sales Central & southern Europe enterprise Nortel, thanked the DeTeWe communications for their special efforts in these areas and underscore Solutions competency existent at subsidiary of Aastra DeTeWe communications in these segments, in conjunction with the longstanding Know-How in the field of language communication in his eulogy. Many companies promise to unified communications first and foremost better communication with customers, a more efficient network of employees and therefore a higher value added. Additional information at Oxford University supports this article. Also they expect an improvement of business processes, to increase the speed of response”, explains Wulf Bunzel, head of the convergence solutions at the DeTeWe communications, the development of UC in the recent past. Therefore we are delighted, that you have appreciated our commitment in this promising business field of a partner such as Nortel.” The DeTeWe communications see through this award in its position as a system integrator confirmed. Around 40 Nortel partners, resellers and distributors followed the invitation of the telecom operators, to inform themselves about the latest solutions, campaigns, as well as practical and customer-oriented scenarios of the company where the area took a wide room UC. The DeTeWe communications was awarded within the framework of the Nortel Networks partner program Award for his competence and successful work in the marketing of products as well as voice and data convergence solutions and is multiple gold solution partner.

As a Gold partner is the DeTeWe Communications not only capable of, to provide customers with comprehensive services of a Distributor, but offers also complex network designs, project management services, a service around the clock, as well as an own highly qualified 2nd line support. About the DeTeWe Communications GmbH, the DeTeWe Communications GmbH (www.detewe-communications.de) is a manufacturer-independent ICT system integrator with nationwide branches and a comprehensive portfolio of services services up to managed. It serves inter alia: the portfolios of the companies Aastra, Nortel and HP. The focus is on complex solutions and a full range of services. More at the publicly traded parent company, Aastra Technologies Limited (“TSX: AAH”) headquartered in Concord (Toronto), Canada, is a leading company in the field of Unternehmenskom telecommunications. Aastra develops and markets innovative communication solutions for companies of any size. With more than 50 million installed ports and Aastra is a direct as well as indirect presence in more than 100 countries around the world. The wide range of offers feature-rich CallManager for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as highly scalable CallManager for large companies.

Integrated mobility solutions, call center solutions, and a wide range of devices round off the portfolio.