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AuftConcrete Logic With WITAmin R Guarantees For Independence Of The Carrier To Deutsche Telekom

Bonner Software House concrete logic GmbH brings AuftConcrete logic R ensures independence of the carrier to Deutsche Telekom Bonn, WITAmin 11.06.2010 – that Bonner Software House concrete logic GmbH brings new orders – interface (sale) for carriers on the market. WITAmin R (WITAmin of r for reverse) is a standardized sales interface for telecommunication companies and allows for the automated sale of own wholesale products to other carriers. Due to the increase in the business cases, automate the sales interface is always more profitable and therefore more interesting. In many cases still faxes used to transmit orders, which require a high degree of manual processing. WITAmin R lowers costs and reduces the risk of additional sources of error by eliminating manual entry. WITA introduced a homogeneous, integrated IT landscape at Telekom by that carrier product independently can be ordered from Telekom. The WITA-is already in use specification. By inversion WITA principle of all buyers use WITA is a potential customer.

Only low for customers who already have interfaces a WITA overhead through use of the WITA language to sell on and off. The launch of its own ordering process is unnecessary when using WITA. A stability for the future is achieved by generic product definitions, which is supported by the independence of product and Protocol. WITA allows the implementation of its own products. With the centralization of the interfaces, only a single interface is necessary. Reduces the internal effort (routing, firewalls, platform changes, maintenance window). The optimization of workflows allows easier monitoring of communication paths. WITAmin R includes an implementation in accordance with the WITA interface specification.

A high operational reliability is guaranteed with the use of the WITAmin CORE system. A central service endpoint is deployed for the ordering carriers. The signing and verification of Orders and replies and for the carriers is achieved by certificates. There is an automatic integrity check and validation of the information exchanged. An administrative Web interface, the interface and the flow control of orders can be managed easily. More ordering carrier can be added easily. Not only the backend implementation costs be reduced by encapsulation of complex Web service interface, but reduces the implementation time (time to market). All the Know-How is bundled with full concentration on the specific business. Customers achieved the separation in back end and interface logic investment security. Open architecture with PlugIn technology allows the simple expansion of interface to other products at any time. 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov can provide more clarity in the matter. One of the biggest benefits is the reduction and avoidance of slow, manually operated, and elaborate fax processes and the consequences of the error. Logging of all incoming and outgoing messages leads in connection with a Request GUI to a simplified clearing. The integrated Simulator is configurable for all WITA products. The customer can test it well before the effective start of operations. About concrete logic: Concrete logic is a specialist for complex software projects, especially with modern Java technologies. To highlight is the integrated approach with a particular focus on methodically supported project and quality management in the implementation of individual solutions. Thematic focal points are commercial applications of the customer and inventory management to accounting systems and sales management (CRM). The service-oriented interface solutions for telecommunications providers deserve special attention here. Concrete logic with its partners covers the range from business process analysis to development, integrating solutions to quality assurance and commissioning.

Duwi Presents Home Control Via Apple IPhone

Highlight on the international Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin: duwi home control systems of the latest generation of Breckerfeld, July 30, 2008 shows the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics IFA is expanded this year to include \”Home Appliances @ IFA\”. Messe Berlin of the rising importance of the home control segment accounting carries with this step. Under this new flagship presents the provider and manufacturer for electrical accessories duwi in Hall 2.2/stand 124 his new Z-Wave wireless system to the wireless management of home electronics and entertainment electronics. Highlight of the fair is the demonstration of home automation via the mobile phone network via Apple iPhone. With this technology it is possible E.g. reducing energy consumption in the House to increase the safety and comfort consumers and home entertainment solutions comfortably by on the way to operate. The topic continues to home control in Europe on the rise: the modernization of existing electrical installations as well as the realization of individual Solutions are fully in line with the trend. It plays mainly adapting to modern comfort needs and new technical standards, which allow for a flexible use of space and energy savings, an important role.

For the next twelve months, rapid growth is forecast the industry of more than 100 percent. Reasons include the high growth of home networks, which allow a network of individual components in the budget, as well as the possibility to take advantage of drastic savings in energy consumption by using the home control solutions in the budget. The duwi GmbH here offers a solution on the basis of the established worldwide Z-Wave standards effort and cost-saving: the wireless solution integrates already existing technology in a sophisticated and reliable control system. Thus is created a wireless network can be extended arbitrarily. Laying new cables or lifting of walls is therefore superfluous. With the duwi system, lighting, heating, blinds or multimedia equipment in every home can easily comfortably via iPhone, PDAs, PCs, notebooks or remote control.

Bullitt Mobile Ltd

Smart phones and mobile phones from cat stand for reliable, robust quality, without sacrificing the design. The outdoor cell phones enjoy popularity. Now, the Franconian TK distributor devices exclusively sells the cat in Germany. Brodos and the Bullitt Mobile Ltd. have led now the contract signed and sealed. Bullit Mobile Ltd.

owns the worldwide licensing rights for mobile phones and accessories from Caterpillar. Customers can now order the entire range of mobile phones, smartphones, and soon accessories at Brodos and thus extend its range of exceptional phones for outdoor enthusiasts and special work areas. The cat brand stands for trust, stability, reliability and quality. With Brodos we have found a distribution partner for Germany, which has attributes exactly this, crucial for us”, explains Colin Batt, CFO and one of the three founders of the Bullitt group, the reason for the decision for Brodos. Stefan Vitzithum, COO of Brodos AG is pleased: “we are proud that Bullitt Mobile has opted for Brodos as a distribution partner. With the cat portfolio we can offer now a variety of products our partners, which is characterized by exclusivity and uniqueness.” All dealers listed at Brodos more information in the home area of brodos.net or their personal Brodos contact. All other dealers can check detail 7770-140 in the news area of Brodos at or via phone at 09133.

Distributor TwoCom Products

beroNet & AereA NetworX technology announce partnership Berlin, 29.09.2011 – the VoIP specialist from Berlin, the beroNet GmbH, and the AereA NetworX from Thuringia, manufacturer of the well-known IP telecommunications system Phonalisa, the technology announce partnership. The technology partnership underscores the already two-year cooperation and is the starting point for the merging of the two products to a high-end product. The bundle of Phonalisa and the berofix gateways through the Distributor TwoCom “from Berlin offered. The berofix VoIP gateway and Phonalisa are reliably together in harmony,”says Franziska Sprenger, Managing Director of AereA NetworX. The partner and reseller pro? t from the support of the three companies, because even the staff of the TwoCom distribution are extensively trained in the administration of Phonalisa. Market-oriented prices, the high flexibility and the wide range of products, the berofix VoIP gateway enjoys a wide variety of users. “Thomas Hager, CEO of beroNet: we are pleased the we the” AereA NetworX”could win with your innovative telephone system Phonalisa for our berofix Gateway products.

Phonalisa is? exible, extremely scalable and impresses with intelligence. (Similarly see: Gen. David L. Goldfein). In the framework of this technology, users of these products receive user-friendly solutions with which they can better reap the benefits of an IP PBX. partnership” At the start of the technology partnership offers the TwoCom”corresponding bundles consisting of a berofix box and a Phonalisa in either 10-user, user 30 – and 50-user licenses at discounted prices. For more information about these bundles, see or you contact us via E-mail at. Press contact: beroNet GmbH Friedrich str. 231, 10969 Berlin Serpil Burczynski phone 0 30 / 25 93 89-0 fax 0 30 / 25 93 89-19 email: via AereA NetworX the AereA NetworX UG (haftungsbeschrankt) is with great ambition and commitment committed, to simplify the calls their customers, to improve the accessibility and to increase the motivation of the employees. The sophisticated phone system “PHONALISA”, which meets the needs of the customers with intelligence, performance, and security for the future is to use. We work with a network of sales partners nationwide to enable fast suburban operations.

For more information, please visit about beroNet which beroNet GmbH is a Europe’s leading VoIP gateway hardware technology company. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Range innovative products based on the modularity, compatibility independent of operating system, driver-free flexibility and quickness of installation as well as a first class customer service and support due to the many years of experience in the engineering culture. For more information, please visit about TwoCom distribution with added value. Since its founding in 1999, TwoCom has undergone an extreme evolution and has adapted to this market needs, so that the product range able to meet special customer requirements. At TwoCom, you get real added value in all other respects, especially as the corporate philosophy includes the complete service to the customer. Au contraire to the general trend of stinginess”TwoCom not only sells products, but is also after the purchase of its customers with problems with a competent staff which can always offer a solution and not let anyone in the rain’ leaves, available. TwoCom opts for detailed advice and free support.