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New: Calendar Free House

Online calendar orders can order shipping all calendar customers in the online shop worldview worldview now free of charge now. The Austrian specialist for books, media, and gifts has expanded its free shipping now on calendar: all Internet orders on containing at least a calendar, a book or an audio book be delivered free shipping. The service does not apply to deliveries to foreign countries, free articles, historical original gifts and custom-made products (personalized). For assistance, try visiting Allstate Insurance Company. This worldview is already address for Christmas gifts: especially in the area of in-house productions, worldview offers high-quality calendar for low prices. The calendar action, the customer will find among others the well-known family Planner worldview as well as many Moon -, proverbs -, farmers, Sudoku -, photo – and craft calendar. Also large-format panorama calendar with motifs from Australia or the Pilgrim’s way are on offer. Worldview: Austria’s no.

1 for books, music, DVDs and trends under the name A & M became known the book and media specialist in all Austria. Particular strengths of worldview are cheap productions, primary, and special editions, many of them specially for Austria. The world image appears annually and reached catalog up to one million customers 14 times. Worldview in all Austria local operates with 35 family-friendly stores. More than 700,000 Internet users visit a month the world image online store. The Austrian Weltbild Verlag GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Augsburg Verlagsgruppe Weltbild.

Includes Fluhr

Christian Fluhr was 103 hours on skis, and improved his own record to 111 hours and 11 minutes in September 2008. It is utopian to provide maximum 520 m indoors and outdoors, because in addition to the brevity of the elevator ride, warming sunlight is missing completely.” Classifies Fluhr the possibilities. In addition, Fluhr had the possibility to set a world record in the Allgau for the first time in February 2008. His mission there, as many different ski lifts in one day. The old record was before the Fluhr’schen record 52 lifts and Mr. marathon ski topped this feat. At the end of 58 lift systems in 10 different ski areas in the Allgau and Tyrol were to Beech. BlackRock is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In Fluhr matured competitive sport but also a decision after more than 10 years after the last winter: I’m now 35 years old and there I should maybe even think to break up with competitive sports.

After now eleven records, I have to prove anything to anybody, I am several times been referred to as living ski legend. I wanted to make it in this winter only and exclusively for my ex-girlfriend, but that’s a different story. Fitness training has fallen every year more difficult me in advance, this summer I’ve can motivate again correctly even me, even if the reason is history. I’m fit as ever in my career. Now I make it for my great team in the background, these unique experiences in a great mountain scenery and for myself.” Fluhr tells about the background of his last season in competitive sports. However, the last winter has developed a momentum of its own.

13 records should be there at the end, are now at the end of the winter in striking distance of 15 records moved. In addition to improving the existing outdoor world record, again significantly more lift facilities will be according to Christian’s will. The native Oberhausen want to grab still 2 world records on skis, which he so far still not held. The contracts are currently unfortunately not all dry. My team and I negotiate with various destinations, but I am confident that everything will work out. And one thing is certain, I will no longer take what I can not implement this winter in the winter in attack. With competitive sports deadline is after this season.” Includes Fluhr going Pallas Berlin at the start of the Ski Club. Fluhr will go to Berlin after the winter, then to work with the CDU. See also link to the new season Introclip “Highway To Skiing”: more information about Christian Fluhr also on the Internet at

In Stroke: Los Serenity Of Horse And Rider

New seminar series with high-profile speakers and dedicated operators heartbeat failure, impure step, urgent or restrained kicks and one-sided braces: these are all signs of a defective Los serenity. The result: The horse braced himself and not more willingly works with. How do you get all these problems through the mental and physical serenity of Los in the handle, show and explain high-calibre speakers in a new seminar series titled: \”Improvement of Los serenity through optimal solution phases\”. The seminar is aimed at riders who want a focused cooperative horse, that clock in dates with swinging back and moves the same elastic on both sides. Speakers: Dr. Ulrike Thiel, writer, Dressage judge, instructor and founder of the Institute of HippoCampus.

David William de Wispelaere, International Grand Prix riders, instructors and trainers in Aachen. Fritz Weiss, Sattler in the 5.Generation and former international show jumping and military riders. Gert Schwabl of Gordon, certified instructor of FN and Instructor. The first event thematically self-contained takes place on 13 April 2008 at math Wachtelhof. By the way: The seminar participants can share advance especially of interest to you, to respond to in the seminar.

Our contact and booking available is for municipalities. 5 seminar courses are giving away the Internet TV Pferdefernsehen.eu and Reitseminare.de. For more information see section exclusive companies – horseback riding seminars Hermes, or. For further questions and pictures we like are available. Text and pictures are for royalty-free use. More information and registration see – editorial information for speakers and organizers Dr.Ulrike Thiel (www.hippocampus.nl) author (the psyche of the horse), clinical psychologist, instructor, Dressage judge, Hippische Sportpsychologin and Equitherapuetin. Dr.Ulrike Thiel approaching man and horse through different approaches. The classic riding lesson, psychomotricity, the hippische Sports psychology and the applied behavioral research. Target is a certified go mentally and physically and happy working with horse thinking is permitted.


With BestVita, the slightly different Web shop for health and pleasure-conscious people, the Internet has become a shop enrichment in the field of healthy nutrition. In just a few months has become the new Internet shop BestVita has already made a name. Owner Katja had provided Woods after their victory over the cancer of a new task and had one goal: make an online shop on the legs where you will find only the best health-promoting products. There are many tips and tricks for the products shopping not long finding more specific products in many different shops, but everything in a shop and save the pure get. This is managed, but long time no reason to sit back. We are still still under construction by BestVita and the shop also looks like, it is so beautiful and done a lot of work and that’s a good thing. At least it gives us only half a year and I hope we have a lot of work for many years, because it is too much fun.” A large project was and the is Tannat wine, the necessarily the shop with up should be taken, because he is so healthy. Tannat is a special wine grape that is grown in the vineyards of Madiran in southwestern France.

Since the publication of the research results by Roger Corder, Tannat wine considered the healthiest wine at all. Tannat is powerful, extremely intense in color, almost black wines with flashy tannin structure. The wine provides the highest levels of Proanthocyanidins and Resveratrol, which have proven to be as a preventative for cancer, heart and cardiovascular diseases, as well as free radical scavenger and hardly a different grape variety produces so tannin-rich wines. “” Tannat comes from “tan and tanning means in the ancient language of the Southwest”. Apart from the impressive backgrounds of the Tannat wine, has also deliberately opted BestVita for two wine growers in southern France. “” Due to the hard work of Alain Brumont since the early of 1980s, where he began with a few vineyards, Tannat has today become the Cepages nobles, the noble vines”, counted.

He won numerous awards already and its wine range fits perfectly with BestVita. As the wine-grower family Dousseau with the winery Sergent. It was exciting to import the wine and I is like a stone of the heart when the delivery arrived safely,”as Woods. Now, BestVita is equipped with the healthy wine. Further information about the interesting wine, which incidentally also have excellent tastes and order you can him under. About BestVita with BestVita wood and Michael Gehrmann have Katja the Hessian Hochtaunusort Friedrichsdorf launched a Web shop with health-enhancing products for the conscious people of today. “Their goal is to support, and true to the motto their customers maintain their health, their most valuable goods only the best”. More information at.

Asset Lifecycle Management – Trade Fair Highlight Of PC-soft On The Z 2009

Successful trade fair appearance at the Z & intec 2009 * PC-soft was with stand and lecture on the topic of ALM: transparency in operations and maintenance in Leipzig present according to the motto: “falling up instead fail – profitable asset management as a competitive advantage” the PC-soft GmbH presented itself twice on the industry measuring Z & intec 2009. This year took the opportunity to imagine the audience in the exhibition doubles in Leipzig from February 24 to 27 PC-soft for the first time. 20,200 total trade visitors (2008: 16,800) from all over Europe gathered on four days of the fair at 1,320 exhibiting companies. The field of metal machining on the intec as well as components, modules, and techno – technologies for the automotive and mechanical engineering on the Zuliefermesse Z was at the center of the largest industry show in the new Lander. Also at the PC-Soft booth in Hall 5 as an insight into the latest applications and Add-ons zedas has been mobile to interested visitors in addition to a variety of information about the company and the standard software products and services and zedas asset cockpit. The lecture by Michael Storck made the opening of the exhibition for the PC-soft GmbH, key account manager zedas asset on Tuesday, 24th February, in the Exhibitor Forum. “In his 30-minute speech, he explained the interested audience on the subject of ALM: transparency in operations and maintenance” such as system availability and productivity in heterogeneous production environments asset be increased through the use of zedas and thus secure the ROI. Lecture: Mr.

asset lifecycle management with PC-soft for our customers is our know-how as essential–that we on the Z and intec 2009 once again have present to show. The increasing demand to use profitable asset management as a competitive advantage is also increasingly in the foreground. That we with our nuclear potential in the development and implementation of supporting best practice strategies crucial, we could make it again clear”says Michael Kaiser, head of the business unit zedas asset industry at PC-soft. And also on in 2009, our customers expect the upcoming events and prospective new products and developments in the field of zedas asset industry. Visit PC-soft from 20 to 24 April at the international Hannover Fair on the exhibition “condition monitoring system” of the VDMA in Hall 24 stand A19/18! Company profile: The PC-soft GmbH is a medium-sized company with more than 50 employees at the site of Senftenberg. With the founding of 1990, the PC-soft GmbH looks back now on a nearly 20-year anniversary of the company. Since then has PC-soft worldwide as experts in the fields of software development, system integration, consulting, and service and support. As a future-oriented systems integrator is PC-soft for years on innovative software solutions for technical facility management, as well as specialized in logistics. PC-soft offers comprehensive services in addition to the introduction and implementation of the software developed in the House around their products and offers modern, centralized service concepts for manufacturers, operators and service providers.

Successful In Difficult Times

RKW Hessen annual meeting on July 1 in Bad Nauheim Eschborn, June 23, 2009 – under the title is successful in difficult times on Wednesday, July 1st, at the training centre of the Landesarztekammer Hessen in Bad Nauheim, Germany the annual meeting 2009 of the RKW Hessen – rationalisation and innovation centre der Wirtschaft e.V. instead. The programme starts at 13 and ends against 17: 00 with a snack and the opportunity for talks. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Asaro is the place to go. The effects of the global economic crisis of increasingly clear: declines in revenues, reduced working hours and job cuts mark the situation in many companies. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are now confused, hesitant and cautious. But especially in economically difficult times it matters, to be innovative and forward-looking.

Practice examples prove that from company Mario Rommersbach, production manager at the GRIWE innovative Umformtechnik GmbH in Westerburg at the annual meeting describes how his company made the turnaround in the crisis. Steffen Schafer, owner of Schafer CNC turning technology from Greifenstein, and Paul Heun, Managing Director of PHC GmbH & co. KG from Leun, report their experiences. From a psychological point of view, the communication expert and success author Dr. Frank Naumann presents winning strategies. Jurgen Muller, Managing Director of RKW Hessen GmbH explains what can do the RKW Hessen in the current situation for companies and how advice promotions targeted can be used. The detailed programme for the 2009 annual meeting is at. The participation is free of charge.

Interested entrepreneurs can register online. Also a flyer with directions and registration form is available for downloading on the site. Telephone please contact Karin Spyra, Tel. 0 61 96 / 97 02 09 company portrait: consulting partners of SMEs the RKW Hessen is a Hessian institution that allows access to external know-how and subsidies of the country and the EU for consultations in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) since its inception. In doing so, the RKW Hessen does the work for you when applying for funding them and ensures the economic success of advising on more than 1,000 consulting projects in Hesse with its quality assurance. company contact: Sascha Gutzeit RKW Hessen GmbH Tel.: 0 6196 / 97 02 – 21 press contact: main view – Agency for offent Uwe Berndt of Wilhelmshoher str. 35 60389 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 06940562954 fax: 06940563092