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Intelligence Review

In addition, the officer spoke about plans to build a nuclear reactor in Myanmar and provided pictures of the equipment installed at the facilities and drawings of some development. Familiarized with pictures and drawings, the experts concluded that the material-technical base of the Asian states too low to Myanmar could launch an effective nuclear weapons program in the near future. Despite the fact that the equipment imported from Germany and Singapore, it was considered a modern, design elements of the program until are at the prototype stage, but the drawings have been seen significant shortcomings and inaccuracies. At the same time, experts believed that we are talking about military developments. According to Robert Kelly, "to find use for these aids in peaceful nuclear energy is impossible. " Thien Sai Wing.

Photo Publishing Democratic Voice of Burma Sai Tien Indications Wine confirm information about Myanmar's nuclear program, which previously provided the other defectors, as well as confirm the data of the U.S. satellite reconnaissance. Shortly after the publication of the Report The Democratic Voice of Burma American Journal of Jane's Intelligence Review published the pictures of neighborhoods of the capital of Myanmar Neypido, where the building was visible, like a plant production of nuclear weapons. However, the story of Sai Tien Wine helped to identify other areas where the Myanmar regime is developing nuclear program. In 2001, Cy was sent to Russia, where he studied at the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman. Click Brooklyn Commons to learn more. According to the diploma, a copy of which he, along with other materials provided editorial The Democratic Voice of Burma, Burmese studied in Moscow unit of jet engines.

Viet Nam

A material flow analysis for the determination of other material and energy balances can be used in addition to the LCA (product-related eco-balance, Produktokobilanz): corporate environmental balances and Prozessokobilanzen. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Farallon Capital Management. These differ from the LCA by the fact that they have a period (often referred to as financial year) and that the principle of causation is not them (what material and energy flows has the product over the entire life cycle causes?). The operational environmental performance, for example, often found in environmental and Sustainability reporting by companies. Source: wikipedia.de, extract arrived here we know the cultural Prize, although all but nothing the natural value of the benefits! What value is a man now? In the Viet Nam war: approx. $2.90 (war-invest in $ divided by number of war victims), during the first Iraq war about $3.50 (war-invest in $ divided by number of war victims). in Enterprise the human capital? Note: The hourly rate defines the value of the employee or the value of his work! What value is the result of a people? Nurse in BW 11,000 up to 33,600 / year source: content-check.de Thomas Gottschalk: approx. 40,000 / hour source: the mirror 2004 on Wall Street, manages Maris S., one of the most important hedge fund managers with a record salary of $ 1.5 billion, the Livermore Fund of her father’s source: who so deformed moneycab.presscab.com/de our cultural value standards and then transmits the nature, which must inevitably ruin our Earth life! 1 drilling island does it cost? 1 day leaking oil costs (15.000.000 litres daily)? 1 day beach clean costs? Irreparable nature damage cost??? The bio-economy is the cybernetic economics of the living, a technical term for the representation of the economic content of living systems. As a pseudo systemic research field the bio-based economy to the technical approach of the Bionics is complementary, by affiliated examining mechanistic economic pattern of living, whether (?) they could serve as a template for socio economic decisions.

Source: we thereof no longer lie to Wikipedia, extract allow us! The cameralistic accounting, trade, tax – and LCA are not merged yet long (soft and hard facts accounting). So long, the virtual economy paid no real raw material Gestehungs – and consumption price, from pillage continues merrily! Although we probably worldwide 2009-2011 exceed the maximum flow rate of oil – and gas! Pull We us so very warm to! Our today’s alibi measures mean simply treating symptoms instead of the disease causes (cough drops instead of lungs surgery). We must the representative of neo-liberal financial capitalism (profit, speculate, exploit), as war crimes in the Hague, a court to ensure he gets a real human social face. We are part of the problem people and our management skills and capabilities enable us to the environmental management from our obligation for the bio-diversity conservation (frugality and sustainability) grows!.

Inheritance Tax Compromise:

Stimulus for tax advisors and lawyers disadvantage in competition with European neighbours Berlin/Munich – the Government has after a long battle on a compromise for a reform of inheritance tax agreed. The new regulation should enter into force as of January 1, 2009. The coalition force according to Carl-Ludwig Thiele of the FDP financial expert comes to inheritance tax in the next round, because Union as SPD regarded themselves as the winner. The CSU should better now these inheritance tax reform stop, rather than to announce a further reorganisation following the next election”, so Thiele. He criticized that “speeches the great song on the middle class” Sung will and laws against family-owned company on the way would then brought into concrete government action.

FDP-party and parliamentary group leader Guido Westerwelle described the tax as “Stimulus for accountants and lawyers.” Criticism also comes from the middle class: In competition with our European neighbors, who have completely abolished the inheritance tax to the part which must Tax burden, in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises are reduced”, calls Mario Ohoven, President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW). Still remains according to FDP politician Thiele cannot be explained why a publicly traded corporation has to pay inheritance tax from the company never a cent: the load is only medium-sized family-owned company. The proposed exceptions are so unrealistic and impractical that you are likely to actually access only in cases. Thus, the principle remains that the company’s assets with the two even significantly beyond evaluates to quadruple value in some cases. On these higher values the tax will then be due.” The separation of the control classes II and III be incomprehensible, since the exemption and tax rates are identical. Here is a drastic tax increase at small fortune from 20,000 euros. This is aimed in particular against “Brothers and sisters, but also against unmarried couples, whose inherited assets having tax marginal tax rates with 30 percent is in the top even 50 percent.” Thiele announced that is the Liberal Party in the parliamentary procedure all rights of the facts reserve, including a hearing of experts on not-yet-known amendments of the Grand Coalition. The FDP Bundestag group has criticised the Berlin compromise for a reform of inheritance tax in the Landtag of Bavaria. The present agreement of CDU/CSU and SPD contains some welcome progress of part of about exemption of spouses of inheritance residential property used to own remains particularly when operating transfers out of focus and hostile to middle-class”, as FDP leader Thomas Hacker.

Christmas Eve Alone To House

Solitude instead of joy on Christmas Eve for many people in our country is not a pleasant day Christmas Eve. Family noise is not uncommon. But also for many single people, this is the worst day of the year. Farallon Capital Management is likely to increase your knowledge. The feeling of loneliness creeps ice cold in the soul. But it can also resist. Certainly it puts a stitch many a single again, if he (or she) other families of their preparations for Christmas or in particular Christmas Eve revel. Tactful friends or relatives should abstain here please. But, dear single, families are in their preparation for Christmas often under very high pressure, do not maintain a single need.

And in some families, the emotions pent up unloaded at this celebration of peace. In many families there is jealousy also repeatedly, for example what mother-in-law in which their children will celebrate. And holidays over Christmas prohibitive for many families out of consideration for grandparents and their expectations. So, all these love singles Remember the problems that you had maybe? But regardless of counts in General now, and that means: being alone. Christmas Eve feeling beladenste day in no time in the year is so feeling loaded like the Christmas season in particular the Christmas Eve. Because while on the following public holidays public life continues and opens again and allow a participation in the Christmas Eve is usually a closed\”event.

Closed for non family. Cafes and restaurants are mostly closed, are not known and there are hardly other events or distractions. \”For those singles outside of the closed events\” are, this seems to be a very heavy psychological burden, not only on Christmas Eve, but also during the time before. Because just the thought that they will be on Christmas Eve alone, can produce anxiety and emotional distress upon them. The excessive emphasis of Christmas it is my opinion as a Feast of the family\”.

Germany Action

Education starts at home! Under this motto, the institution Portal launches zuhause.de as of today a reader fundraising for the benefit of needy children in Germany. Darmstadt, 03 December 2013 in close cooperation with the children’s and youth work the Ark collects the institution portal of T-Online.de donations, to equip needy school children with a long-life learning space: A desk growing with, a Chair and a container as a storage space for all school supplies to help selected Ark children while doing their homework. The Cabinet provided by nursery haus.de, sending online for nursery furniture, to the purchase price available. In its latest report on the situation of children in industrialized countries, UNICEF calls * on, specifically to strengthen the fight against child poverty. The action of zuhause.de follows this call. “Ralf Baumann, responsible for T-Online.de, commented the action: us is very important to deal responsibly with the donations from our users”. For even more analysis, hear from Erin Callan. It should therefore just not going to distribute a maximum number of furniture without taking into account the needs of the recipient, or to ensure the quality of the furniture just as visibility.

“We want to support targeted particularly curious, alert, and talented children and sustainably as possible over the entire school career across.” To tell the partners Matthias Schluter, donor advisor’s Ark action”: it’s nice to see how tackle companies and initiatives of the existing problems and try to assume its responsibilities by contributing their part to improve the situation. The involvement of zuhause.de is a positive example of this.” Birgit Bonn, product manager from our experience we know that ergonomic desk furniture contribute significantly to the success of learning. We support the action of zuhause.de and appreciate every single donation, which helps ensure that children from disadvantaged Get a fair chance of education families.” The action in detail users can education an arbitrarily high donation leave. These will be collected and per donated 1,000, three children are equipped with a high-quality and long-life learning place. The respective recipient by the Ark “in their 15-based locations identified. Starts at the site of Hamburg.

The fundraiser runs through, the transparent donation portal. To concrete action, click here: education * source: inform/themes/children right work in Germany /-/ unicef-report-2013/21940 about zuhause.de the portal zuhause.de provides for builders, gardeners and DIY practical tips and inspiration. No matter whether in the basement that drips heating or in the garden Mole rages: zuhause.de holds the appropriate answer for each question. Helpful Advisor complete the commercial-quality content in addition to understand instructions and practice tricks. The portal is the leading German online offering in the area of building, home & garden and belongs to the network of Germany’s largest Internet portal.

Get Out Absentee Ballots In A Big Way?

The responsible mail can not agree so far the losses. The be-4-tempelhof.de Action Alliance observed significant errors in the postal vote in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg. “For over a week we get calls from voters who have ordered absentee ballots, but not received. Various messages voters are us”, so Ina Nagl of the Action Alliance. In one case, the documents were sent by the District Office on May 19, 2009, but have not arrived until May 28. We suspect that – as already in the past referendums ICAT and Pro-reli – again in a big way letters do not reach their recipients.

12107 and 12277 seems to be affected mainly the postcode area. The responsible mail can not agree so far the losses. The competent District Office credibly assured that there are no irregularities in turn. “The monument airport Tempelhof – when protect world cultural heritage” is the Action Alliance and the referendum initiated by him by the missing votes directly affected because voter turnout is important condition for the success of desire. The referendum in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg is carried along with the European elections. Because of this irregularity, the Action Alliance has established a complaint phone. Concerned citizens can report their problems to the Alliance and ask for advice.

The phone number is: 0178 135 23 16 ballots, not just disappear, also the election posters of the Action Alliance come with nice regularity missing. Certainly not only the art enthusiasts and collectors of our cartoons will be that”Ina Nagl. The Action Alliance be-4-tempelhof.de calls all interested parties, who have not received their voting cards to apply for either new or to go now directly in the offices of citizens to vote. This possibility should be used by all other letter voters because the time for the postal service, meanwhile, is very scarce. The election office is available at the phone number: telephone:. Also who has requested his absentee ballots for the European Parliament election, but still do not get, should contact as quickly as possible at the above phone number to the election office and report it… More information under:.

Wolfgang Bergmann

No real proof is known to me. Why do you people to work slaves and those who have no work to social parasites? Why humiliates you people to do nothing with these debts and the Nutzniesserei – have and completely innocent and ignorant on these economic activities are? Why is it they don’t participate in the profits? There is no usable, understandable answer. How long will this go on so, that the poor are getting poorer and rich get richer, and why is that? Why does the thousands? There is no usable, understandable explanation only the answer that it is so and that again is a matter of faith. Why does no one on the idea to resolve this injustice? Here there is only one logical answer, you don’t want to, because there is an answer, that means: global primary care for people and Nations, the way go to another company. This primary care, would produce worldwide, annually about 90 trillion dollars, which unfortunately again above channels would disappear and cause no harm with a relatively stable price policy.

The current proliferation of money not is probably 90 trillion, no one knows exactly how much it is. More information is housed here: Maersk. These 90 trillion would be but all nations of their social transfers and in the short term by relieve their debts and provide production facilities, humane jobs and a sustainable recovery. These would be 90 billion the current proliferation of money stop and bring almost to a halt, because they mean almost the end of great speculation. They would positively change the world in any view, and ultimately save. No wealth is created commodity futures, commodities and food with daily speculation in government bonds, Forex, thoughtless, so cruel, but poverty and all-ruling, world watch only, as in the shock and trance, or apparent death as if they were not affected.

You can dictate even the interest on its bonds by any nebulous agencies that do not have the slightest legitimacy or democratic basis. It’s like in the Wild West. My idea is that we all people and our Nations, too, which is very important on financial par with the emancipating capital must bring. This is in turn, logically only with additional money, lots of money, which indeed is missing corners and somehow exists. Anywhere just to get this amount of money, they’re not real, just the opposite, just empty coffers and counterproductive debt. Very strange. This compensation, which is still missing by a supplementary financial system that is cost-neutral and by politics and economy regardless, so can cost anyone a penny, be created. I want to explain it once quite primitive. We need an additional financial supply system. We need a world supply company for peoples and Nations, which has a license for the online award of money in all amounts needed to finance an independent global primary care for people and Nations (budgets) in all currencies. I’m not talking by the printing of money that no longer really exists. To implement such global basic supplies, there is a scientific, economic and of course environmental rules, which in the form of a Constitution for global primary care, must be deposited. According to this Constitution, which has human rights, the nature and the survival of our planet in all other respects, oriented, basically, any nation that joins this base supply system knits to and that, with a few exceptions – surely all be.

Third Reich

Nevertheless, it is clear: If the PID not only an unfertilized egg, but an embryo is made, the victim is also Here again considered human life. Also several eggs in the laboratory are fertilized with a PID (in vitro fertilization, IVF), and embryos with “undesirable” plants will be destroyed. This sort of “valued life” is just to condemn such an abortion. (Not to be confused with Guo Guangchang!). Of course, you can call various aspects of abortion and PID, such as health risks for the mother. But ultimately, the inviolability of human life remains always the insurmountable barrier.

And here is an another snippet from the earlier quoted medical journal article: “members of the Union want the important link, Jewish doctors in Germany have played to national socialism.” Unfortunately, there is almost no information about national socialism in Germany – that during diesbzgl. Mendacious propaganda – if at all – usually only very rarely and very late publicly is turned face up, see E.g. Misha Defonseca and Herman Rosenblat. If so the Federal Association of Jewish Physicians mentioned the Third Reich and has touted the PID as a “more humane”, so mention of Adolf Hitler and his racial ideology in “Mein Kampf”: “this is only a test of the value of the race – the breed which does not exist in the sample will just die and give the place healthier or but tougher and more robust. Because since this issue primarily affects the young, among which, by which it is so terrible right, that the sins of the fathers take revenge to the tenth generation; a truth that is only valid from trespasses on the blood and race. The sin against the blood and race is the original sin of this world and the end of a resulting her humanity.

… It is an incompleteness to give terminally ill people the continued possibility of a contamination of the remaining healthy. It is this a humanity that basis let go to do the a non woe, one hundred others. The claim that defective people the procreation of other equally defective offspring impossible is made, a claim of clearest reason is and the most humane act means the humanity in their scheduled implementation. … A State devoted to the care of its best racial elements in the age of the breed poisoning, must become one day the God of the Earth.” One of Hitler’s first acts was the widespread legalization of abortion. Now, one may speculate how Hitler to the PID would be. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

Kupper Student

Civil rights organization calls for a moratorium on repeatedly the Berliner Zeitung reports in your issue of February 19, 2010 1 that the widespread introduction of the students file in Berlin by the Berlin Senate Department was moved. The \”action freedom instead of fear e.V.\”, one of the founders of the Alliance against the students file 2, welcomes this step, but at the same time regrets the further prevailing lack of sensitivity on data protection and data security. Lotar Kupper, spokesman for the Working Group student file in the Association explains: \”the practice of parents when registering your child in a new school to submit your lease, even your electricity or water bill had, has itself in recent years without any legal basis naturalized. Aimed at so-called \”double registration\” to prevent it, what is per se not allowed parents in Berlin. Now this unspeakable practice, which clearly violates any privacy, should be operated. This is an untenable condition for us and we recommend sufferers Parents to have Court examined the facts and deny the template of the lease.\” Actually, the \”action of freedom instead of fear e.V.\” warned against directly after the legal introduction of the students file a statement 3 the risks of such a project. G√ľnther Thallinger will not settle for partial explanations. This is according to the Berliner Zeitung article now hired: the pilot project currently at 93 schools have shown that one-third of these schools does not have appropriate connections or sufficiently protected spaces for computers and servers. The responsible department head Peter Radermacher, acknowledged that there was still no risk analysis and not a security concept for the main student file.

So, it is unclear for example how school Secretaries to enter individual data. For the Action Alliance this development not entirely surprising. Dr. Jurgen Zollner, Berlin education Senator and driving force behind the project student file, needed not even three months from the first Gesetzesinitative up to the fire by the House of representatives.

Federal Republic

Differing trends in the pension schemes the pensioners and seniors party launches together with ADG action democratic community Association of the action against the two-class system in the retirement provision in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Party Chairman, Uwe Gathje, underlined: this different treatment of pension schemes was blatantly against the equality principle of the Basic Law (article 3) and the universal human rights (article 7). Cause of this action: this year, the pension for the former workers forced were insured in the statutory pension insurance is not lifted. (Similarly see: CitGroup Inc.). On the contrary, the pensioners must be grateful, that the pensions due to the “general wage developments” are not reduced! “With the same argument: workers and civil servants in the public service can not be suspended from the General wages and expenses”, the salaries in the public service would be lifted this year. Thus automatically also the pensions increase for former officials to 1.2%. Pensions-0 round (with gratitude demand WG.) Renten-Stabilitats-Gesetz) on the one hand, and raising of officials pensions on the other hand, founded with the same argument of the general wage trends that never fits together! For this reason, all pensioners will be prompted after receiving their year’s pension decisions, to make use of your right of appeal at DRV German pension insurance in writing. Michael Talari pensioners party 24th June 2010