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Importance Of Valentine

That's quite a few days left until Valentine's Day, a holiday, to celebrate who try all those who have a second half. And after coming holiday and traditional male – 23 February. You have already figured out what to give your favorite men? A Have you ever wondered how the atmosphere in which to deliver a better gift? Psychologists say that it is important not what to give, but how. That is, you must choose the right moment, directed and created keeping the scene of the gift. Or, conversely, give the gift at the most inopportune time when people did not expect. The effect of surprise, too, can play a role.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day and February 23? Options – set: the Traditional – invite a favorite in the cafe, where you were not, or vice versa, at the coffee shop, with whom you associate romantic memories of, say, where you had a first date. You can combine a trip to the cafe or restaurant romantic walk around the city. Just need to think of ways the route: it should not be long, so you do not have time to be tired and freezing, but at the same time sufficiently saturated. To celebrate the Day of Fatherland Defender also has a original scripts. For example, to send a loved one in military-tour, where he fully feels a superhero – to shoot a gun or fly on an airplane. Or provide him with a splash of adrenaline at a football match, pre-equipped to accessorize with your favorite team logo as a gift. And for couch potatoes can arrange a holiday at home, light candles and lay the table for two. And as a gift to present yourself, your favorite. About how to beat, and more on the already proposed options for a holiday read the article "The best present for me – it's you!"

Men And Vitamin E

Vitamins are essential for health in general and men in particular. Will focus more on the value of vitamin E. Vitamin E is the common name for a group of biologically active compounds-antioxidants. It prevents cell damage caused by oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes. Roughly speaking, this is – the defender of the cell.

Due to this property it slows down the aging process, reduces the risk diseases associated with the formation of free radicals (the active compounds occurring in the metabolic process and are able to cause an excess of dangerous diseases), including some forms of cancer, stroke, heart disease, atherosclerosis. Since a number of factors trigger an increase in free radicals in the body (smoking, adverse environment, disease, ultraviolet radiation, and high electromagnetic Conventional background), the growing need of the organism and antioxidants. Also, vitamin E provides extra protection against bacteria. It is therefore understandable that a healthy cell, clean the body – the basis of health, including and male. Adverse factors that encourage the growth of free radicals, we have plenty, so supplementation of vitamin E and improved status.

Now the main thing on my mind in the application of vitamin E – doses and sources. How much vitamin E? The recommended daily dose ranges from 2 to 15 mg depending on age, weight, sex and country (in different countries have different recommendations). vitamin deficiency leads to damage to the nervous system (brain cells destroyed in the first place as we know). In prophylactic treatment, many recommend increasing the daily dose of vitamin E up to 75-300 mg, ie several times, ten times more. Such a dose may get only eating vitamin E. But is it worth it then? Do not stand behind it the producers of dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. Maybe. In my opinion, much more appropriate to reconstruct their diet to vitamin E was in abundance, especially completely natural sources. First – this vegetable oils (olive, corn, sunflower, etc.). Not accidentally, many manufacturers take you directly to the label “contains vitamin E”. if anyone was interested in folk health methods, many of them contain this recipe as a method on an empty stomach or vegetable oil alone or with something together. That vitamin E and is the old way. To the extent a nice big spoon containing 3 mg Vitamin E – by Western standards almost daily rate for adult women. So try to switch to vegetable oils. Note that the country’s traditionally high consumption of vegetable oils (Italy, Greece, France and etc.) are less common cardiovascular diseases. Yes men and healthier than the country, pressed on animal fat. The same is true in the case of Russia – in the South of Russia in many families it is a vegetable oil base nutrition and better health and longer life expectancy. In addition to vegetable oils and their sources (sunflower, olive, peanut, almond, etc.), vitamin E is also found in wheat germ, whole grain cereals, etc. In short – it is available in its natural state. I would also like to note that vitamin E alone is not a panacea for the diseases that would not talk about its wonderful properties of the distributors of dietary supplements. He just improves the overall background, struggling with the negative factors, the disease he can not win and therefore should be used in combination with other drugs. The same applies to the treatment of prostatitis, herpes and impotence. On a diet in prostatitis and adenoma, I wrote many times before.


Knowing that she will have the possibility of several marriages, reduce the fear of being alone. And if a woman went sessions of psychological counseling, it would hurt the relationship has worked with his father, to the model of family relationships mother worked could cause low self-esteem and strengthen the adoption itself, faith in their abilities. This would not only prepare her for meeting with a more harmonious partner, but would bring her. Often, despite the desire to love and be loved, the people laid many fears and doubts that they are worthy of love, attention, success (the beautiful, held, bright, etc.) of a person. Fear of pain and frustration that can bring love, may be higher than its desire to meet, which creates lack of implementation in the field of love. Such often occurs in people survived betrayal, infidelity and broken marriages.

In this case, a person lays down a model of failure and fears of repeating, often on the contrary are a magnet that attracts such a partner. Since this is a test and a lesson that people must decide. In such situations, to create a new harmony is recommended to work out a negative, release resentment, neutralize fears and based on awareness of existing life experiences to create an image of desired partner. It is useful to rely on the ability of natal chart and take into account its features. No accident people involved in the astrological and psychological practice in life is given a lot of different tests that they are on their own experience and have experienced many situations analyzed.