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Fantastic Investment Opportunity

Environment-conscious capital investors can contribute to the faster end of nuclear power and thereby expect high returns now, it is so decided: Germany will have to do without nuclear power. As it appears triggers just like a miracle that just at this moment discovered a completely new technology (-> knol.google.com/k/hans-weidenbusch/das-auftriebskapillar/3fkgzmevq9sn4/1#), the way to beating all energy problems in okologisch. The real miracle in this context is but who company, the HWCV (->), a Munich-based technology transfer has succeeded, persuading all relevant opinion leaders (-> #Energiequelle) and decision makers of the technology, and to mention them by name on their Web site. Now you might think that the mentioned institutions and names are arbitrary and fictitious, as incredible as it reads the Web site of the HWCV of course, but thanks to the Internet organization books one can assume, that the be given the absolute truth. First is committed namely to the task, review the information published on the part of the HWCV, and the mentioned organisations such as Greenpeace or the Stiftung Warentest wondering whether this could be the Tasachen displayed on the page with the knowledge of the respective organizations and individuals. In addition, first reports such investment offers the Verbraucherschhutzorganisationen, such as in the present instance the Bavarian consumer protection Center (-> forum.esowatch.c/index.php?topic=5533.msg61554#msg61554). For investors this means that even without great technical understanding of it can be, to do it with a system tested on the part of the consumer organisations having, which promises an extra orbit ante return, as well as the opportunity to other investors to invest in the currently most environmentally friendly source of energy and therefore a considerable contribution of renewable energy to make (->) books, whose It’s own task, and investors to sort out, makes it one of the guarantors for an investment in the HWCV, whose founder and owner, Hans Weidenbusch to said, “If first takes out a page, this check can be by the competent authorities, and then the page remains unchanged in the net, then every person knows that be made false statements here in any way”.

It is strange in that even the Gwup (->), undertakes a consisting of academics skeptics Association to the Vienna Prof. Ulrich Berger, don’t mind that Prof. Berger is even named, and using his reputation makes advertising for the HWCV. A spokesman for the HWCV commented that Prof. Berger would obtain an injunction within an hour, if not beyond reasonable doubt would emerge from his remarks, that the technology is the cheapest, most environmentally friendly and unerschopflichste source of energy in our time. So must the information provided on so last but not least by books as bestaigt are, and this is important, because it in fact almost incredible sound. So investors have the certainty that the Angaber-to-read correspond to the reality and they can thus with a clear conscience back sit and make a major contribution to the faster end of the nuclear age. Contact and further information can environmentally conscious investors under get H. Meyer (source: Wilhelm Bausch)

Dessauer Interest

Interest payments of the Dessauer Pauly biscuit AG overdue the Dessauer biscuit manufacturer Pauly biscuit AG a loan with 5 years brought 2010 term and an interest rate of 7.5% in the volume of EUR 8 million out. Having bought the interest for 2010 still on time, investors waiting now since January 18 this year in vain on interest rates for 2011. Rumors about the company’s ability to pay are circulating on the Internet. After release of the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, the Pauly biscuit AG in an E-Mail to investors should have admitted that due to the overall economic development within the last months the company under pressure was advised and have to deal with a liquidity squeeze. There might be something off, because according to the annual report 2009 decreased revenues by approximately 26 million in 2008 to about 21 million and at the same time, the loss of 86,000 EUR rose to 425,000 EUR. Little is reassuring, that the company in January its name to 1.

Dessauer Beteiligungs AG changed its seat has moved to Herford. Finally still a Swiss investor against a commitment of Pauly biscuit AG should have decided. Because the Pauly biscuit AG with interest payments already well over 30 days in arrears, investors can cancel their bonds. While they should take legal assistance, upon the termination of some formalities are taken into account. The termination is possible however only as long as the Pauly biscuit AG not paid the interest. Therefore, investors who no longer trust the company, better hurry.

Friedrich Schulte

The damage to the investors of the two ship Fund expands in the HCI ship Fund III and VI works apparently nothing at all. Dividends remain out and now even the tax model bursts. The damage to the investors of the two ship Fund expands. Shortened life of two ships: the investors the fact that the tax conception of the funds is not properly learned In may 2012. If you have read about Peter Schiff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The life of the ships Friedrich Schulte and Max Schulte provided for in the prospectus is not recognised by the tax authorities in the framework of the ongoing audit. Due to the changed law of the Bundesfinanzhof to tankers, the IRS does not recognise the prospected life.

After a lawsuit promises not enough success, you will need to engage on an extension of the amortization period on 14 years. For investors, this means a reduction of loss allocations from 2003 to roughly 6.5% and thus additional tax claims that are to pay interest on then – usually from 2004 – 6%. Increased amount of difference for the transition to the Tonnage taxation: In addition, there are also problems from the move to the tonnage tax. The declared by the shipping companies values are not accepted, making the difference (= difference between market – or going-concern value and book value) is affected. This difference, which is decisive for the tax burden on the sale of the vessel, should increase after the audit from 13% to 24%. However, it is the management benefit maintain that the financial management so-called based tonnage tax exemption on the 2008, who was so at the time unknown. There is intended to be a useful life of 25 years of calculation based. Thus water is mixed at least significantly wine of the tonnage tax in – alleged -. Still no distributions: With the current interim investors know also that they just in case not rely on distributions.

Federal Supreme Court

German Federal Supreme Court shows barriers which had liability of fund investors on the second civil Senate of the Federal Supreme Court to decide which turned against the recovery of profit independent distributions of ship investment company in a matter of an investor. The situation has been that a fund company demanded payment of distributions by the investors. The second Civil Chamber of the Federal Court in this matter has decide that only profit-independent distributions can be recovered by an investor as limited partners if any such claim arising directly out of the social contract. In the underlying social contract, initially found a rule requiring the ship Fund independently proven cannot distribute profits or losses to investors, inasmuch as it allows the liquidity. Further regulations concerned the conditions for profit independent withdrawals first and foremost. Learn more on the subject from Federal Reserve Bank. After economic problems occurred for the fund company, decided the recovery of independent income distributions paid to investors as shareholders the general meeting of shareholders.

But the second civil Senate of the Federal Supreme Court considered the recovery as unjustified, because the social contract not sufficiently fixed a repayment claim. In particular, it was not to remove that entitlement to the recovery of dividends according to the judge those rules of the articles of Association. The need to examine the basis of the Treaty on which the Fund management company relies, arises for investors who are exposed to recoveries of distributions. An experienced lawyer can determine whether claims for recovery a fund company actually exist or how high are the chances for a successful enforcement of any claims for damages against third parties. see You too: Vorsicht_bei_R%C3%BCckforderungen_von_Aussch%C3%BCttungen-Bundesgerichtshof_zeigt_Schranken_der_Haftung_von_Fondsanleger_auf.html author and contact person: Ralf Renner – a trained banker and lawyer – lawyer Tel.: 030 / 810 030-22 E-mail: lawyer Ralf Renner represents a variety of damaged investors. Legal issues of closed-end Fund, where he has extensive years of experience are the specialty of lawyer Ralf Renner. In these contexts, investors in a lawyer approach, if you want to check what rights and claims exist. Blanket statements prohibit themselves? In any case, an individual assessment is offered.

Firm Renner we are a law firm specializing in the areas of capital investment law. Our self understanding, legal work is a legal service, which has to be aligned with the needs of the client. We would advise you legally at an early stage to help avoid litigation. Because in everyday life an imbalance in favour of the better informed and advised. We want that from the outset this imbalance not payable affects. Inasmuch as a judicial confrontation is inevitable, we of course nationwide represent in court.