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Container Shipping

Many factors affect transportation. These include the type of cargo and the choice of vehicle: automobile, railway, sea and air routes. Each of the types of vehicles have their pros and cons, and often have to combine them. For example, automobile shipping, usually the final link in the transportation in remote areas. Sometimes the process of delivery is so complex that their own forces to develop a plan for the ‘event’ is almost impossible. Are utilized air shipping, road and rail transport. Of all types of cargo, oversize cargo transportation is one of the most complex. Often, these goods require special conditions, special equipment. International cargo such registration may require some special additional papers and permits for importation and exportation.

One of the the most convenient and fastest growing forms of transportation so today – container shipping. Containers have standard dimensions. It is very important because through this they can carry different types of transport. This means that the load will not shift once again, that ultimately will prevent damage. Generally speaking, all container traffic can be divided into four types: each of them can carry the goods to Russia and worldwide, even in the most remote corners of the ‘door to door’ without shifting cargo. Of course, such transportation is very convenient, it eliminates the cargo owner practically from all the worries: Even sealed containers and printed in the presence of the client. Nevertheless, completely insulate themselves from the risk of losing weight, it will only insurance.

Federation Transport

At the meeting held on 29.06.2010 with the expanded board of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. the meeting was called by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. He pointed to the need to raise the international level safety requirements in road transport in Russia, as well as tougher punitive measures for violations of both passenger and freight haulage. Ministry of Transport proposes to increase fines for illegal activity in this field up to 40 thousand rubles, but this, according to Sergei Ivanov, is not enough. Sergei Ivanov stressed the need to increase the quality requirements for driver training in driving schools, especially the drivers who engaged in freight and passenger transport professional. Vice-premier asked to expedite the establishment of security in passenger and freight road transport in close coordination bodies Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, the fsb and other agencies to work in transportation, as well as transport companies. According to the head of the Moscow office of the Federation of Russia Sergey motorists Kanaeva, the input system of licensing transportation activities will be more effective in the fight for restoring order than tightening shtrafov. also make greater use of expert community in this area. These organizations combine all market participants and may be responsible for their members. They will monitor compliance with rules and regulations in cargo transportation.