The Sonnhof

Aims at establishing the individual relevant targets and a first consolidation outside of work everyday. In the second step, a process optimizing implementation in everyday work follows over a period of six to nine months. In five to seven half-day or day training taking place at circa budweiss distance, review and strengthen coach and client worked out objectives together. In the sense of a permanent process optimization, conducive to good health behavior in everyday work is implemented. As a third step, the joint evaluation of the whole process takes place in a final half-day coaching. To broaden your perception, visit Peter Asaro.

Solution-oriented processes through balance of structural analysis, body awareness and health promotion after careful analysis of the client integration into business processes – see for example the organization chart, the work requirements, and the typical recurring An individual training plan is created everyday – problem situations. Find daily five to six-hour individual sessions of the kick-off seminar both in classic vis a vis forms in the seminar room of the hotel instead, as well as in movement – for example during a day hike. The client will come in the form of the moving body perception points better and learn to implement findings ressourcengestutzt. A regeneration phase, which will be individually tailored in Ayurvedic medicine with their special treatment methods following the intense mental work at the end of the day. The Sonnhof in Austria offers here supplementary programmes according to Ayurvedic principles to ( Medical Ayurvedic accompaniment and other health-promoting measures to deepen the intense work process of the day.

Work-life balance and burnout prevention a particular focus of the consultant of Tillenburgs his seminars to promote health, which are presented in detail under “With a special method developed by me the hidden resources of the participants can be integrated into everyday acts of active and revitalizing”, so Talbot. “The participants will learn their health impaired improvement very quickly.