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When he realizes that one of the members of your family has head lice is very likely will you enter the panic and want to get rid of them with all possible means. However not always remove effectively head lice is easy. Here are some tips to help you kill parasites and prevent repeated infestations. How can you be sure you have lice in your head? First, you have to make sure that it’s lice from the head and not another disease, otherwise the treatment will not be effective. Then, how can you see lice? It is not always easy to find lice and nits in the hair.

Lice have a greyish or brown color. The best method to detect them is by wetting the hair and using a fine tooth comb especially for lice. Divide the hair into sections, comb it section by section, and if you have head lice, you will see them fall. You can also view them at the time of rinse the comb with water. The nits appear as white or gray spots glued to the base of the hair. They can be confused with the dandruff, but unlike the same in general nits are glued with a kind of cement to the hair and therefore cannot be removed easily. What treatments are recommended as effective to eliminate lice? The first method that comes to mind is to use a lice comb on its head with wet hair. This method requires time, patience and perseverance, but it is natural, safe and effective if done correctly.

In case of severe infestations, however, it may be good to combine this method with a shampoo for lice from the head or a home remedy. You can use insecticides that come most of the time in the form of shampoos, lotions or sprays. Among the insecticides, only products containing pyrethrin and malathion are currently still considered to be effective, but this is not always so, especially in the southern part of the United States, where the lice have become especially resistant to these chemicals.