Video Distribution

Facebook, who already is widely used as a platform for video distribution live, are doing their own work with a new application called Facebook Live. However, unlike services like Ustream and Livestream that offer the feature of live video to Facebook pages, Facebook Live goes beyond being a channel dedicated to the events of the social networking company and becomes a streaming video platform for others. In a statement, the company says that it will use Facebook live to see what is new in Facebook, including the famous guests who pass by the headquarters of the company, demonstrations of the new features of employees and special events (possibly, things like the f8 Conference). The application itself is very similar to other platforms of video live, via the integrated chat, but it will be very interesting to see how Facebook will make the promotion of the role. Could we see notifications in the news channel When one stop great results by the central services of the company? That would give rise to an opportunity to add some hearings and huge conferences around live video. Either way, is a nice blessing for Livestream, has been chosen as the official partner of live video for the project. Source of the news: Facebook Launches Live Video Channel original author and source of the article