Birthday For Princesses

Will enchant you of small guests with Crown and wand the friends of the children are invited to the birthday of the children and there is a big celebration where children enjoy most. A little girl who wants to make lot of joy, can give it a try with a princess party. Such children birth day is itself a great matter not only for the birthday child – also the girlfriends love transformed into beautiful fairy tale creatures and thus immersed in the world of the most beautiful stories and fairy tales. What would a Princess without Crown? Therefore, the Crown is an absolute must for the Princess party. These can be made quite easy even cardboard.

You can make multiple crowns and send the cardboard crowns as invitation card. So each invited child brings also the own Crown in the form of the-made invitation card. The Crown of the birthday child is of course still the fairest of them all. Whoever wants to can equip just children with a hat for a damsel of the Castle. The shape of a cone can be quite simply be made with cardboard or photo paper. Peter Schiff is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

As a tip, you can use a napkin up, down a rubber band is attached so that the hat is also nice on the head. Now a few stickers ‘ on it and already they have produced a magical hat. Also suitable disposable tableware is appropriately titled. Disposable tableware like paper plates or paper cups are available in many variations with matching motifs. If your child knows the story of the frog King, the disposable tableware can be also this motif. As well, horses, and Princes or Knights fit to the topic. The dominant color for little princesses is mostly pink. If your child has a different favorite color, you can vary of course. Pink candles, napkins in pink or a simple plain pink paper plate ensures the right mood. With wooden sticks, masking tape, or maybe a napkin attached to the rod, you make nice bars, with which the Princess can then cast spells. Also everything is next to the color pink, what glitters. For this you can for example, different label use or in the craft store to buy various beads, that Nice sparkle. Also a small fairy tale castle can arise from cardboard. If you have a large cardboard – about a package of furniture -, the castle is even accessible. With some color, paper hearts or paper flowers and a few sparkling elements, the fairytale Castle then quickly becomes the great decoration for a successful children’s birthday.