Breast Cancer

It is the tumor of increased mortality among women, currently, all over the world and the second in frequency, after lung cancer. The cure of breast cancer depends on early detection. In humans its incidence is very low. The number of deaths has doubled in the past 20 years, in developed countries where mortality is highest. More than half of the cases were diagnosed in developed countries, such as Europe and the United States. While countries with less incidence are Japan, Nigeria and india.

The breasts of women consist of glands that are called lobes and lobules. These glands are connected each other through channels that are through which circulates the milk toward the nipple. Breast cancer occurs when breast cells grow so abnormal and disorganized, and can damage other organs in the body. Risk factors there are many and depend on every woman. But the main factors are: being a woman, is one of the factors most important, and estrogens. Its incidence increases with age, reaching contrast between each country. While in some parts is presented over 60, in others, between 40 and 45 years old. As you can see, exposure to estrogen during the life of the woman may be an important risk factor, so it is related with the hormonal State breast cancer: – by the beginning of a very early menstruation – at the end of menstruation, after age 55.

-With the parity. -In advanced age pregnancies. These are the States where there are increases in estrogen levels in women. A self-examination is very important for the detection of breast cancer and a clinical exam, although the test more safe is called a mammogram. Each one of them deserves special attention, because if the cancer is detected at an early age, there are many more possibilities for a total healing and saving suffering by women. Overview: Breast cancer is the cancer of greater mortality among women, around the world. The man does not suffer penalties. The number of fatalities has increased in recent years. And in the developed countries where there is greater incidence. Main risk factors be women and estrogen, in addition to women above the age of 45 is which is more likely to suffer from it. A self-examination and a clinical examination is very important for its detection. Although the most important test is mammography.