Civil Code

Thus, according to Art. 91 of the Law on joint stock companies, the shareholder is entitled to request information about the activities of society, which is justified: the shareholder as co-owner, there is every reason to get information about it. However, this provision of law, in effect, allows a shareholder to demand at least daily from the public provision of the same document. In Currently, Art. 10 of the Civil Code prohibits the abuse of right "is not permitted actions of citizens and legal persons, is solely with the intent to cause harm to another person, as well as abuse of rights in other forms.

" But the number of cases where arbitration courts apply this provision is negligible, since the distinction between the sale of the individual subjective rights and the use of the right to harm another person elusive. Prove the existence of such abuse is extremely difficult, it is doubly difficult – to persuade the court. Must be distinguished from other forms of grinmeyl intervention of third parties in the activities of joint stock companies, for example from hostile takeover, which aims to "intercept" of management in the Company, including by obtaining a controlling stake, change management, establishment of control over the business and assets enterprise. But this does not mean that the implementation of a hostile takeover can not be used methods of corporate blackmailers. One should also not confuse corporate blackmail and the so-called seizure enterprises. Most of these do not relate to the implementation of the rights of business entities, as are ordinary crimes (such as asset stripping of the economic society using forged documents seizure of power companies, etc.). .