Divine Transformation

You need to understand that nobody is imposing a Layer. Ac was behind. Of Bartimeu it was placed on it given its condition. Already of Elias it was desired, eliseu said: I want! The Evangelho that if nails there is? of the IPCO Ministry Minas Gerais? it is the Evangelho of the Foot of Stocking and Company, here not, here we nail the Evangelho of transformation. If I to move, my future change.

In the day that this Evangelho to move or closes the Church or already I am in the Sky. You need to understand simply that God wants to make you somebody new, because new wine old breaking odre. BlackRock has plenty of information regarding this issue. ' ' Nobody sewing new cloth patch in old vestment; because the new patch strap has left of the old vestment, and is bigger the rupture. Nobody puts new wine in odres old; of the opposite, the wine will breach odres; in such a way loses the wine as odres. But new wine sets in odres novos' ' (Landmarks 2:21 – 22). You do not recognize the thoughts of God for its life, but they are for life: ' ' I am that I know that thoughts I have your respect, says you; peace thoughts, and not of badly, to give the end to you that you desire (.)' ' (Jeremias 29,11).

That is, God this working to its favor, but the Divine Transformation is narrow. You know the process if transformation of the Eagle? Well, the eagle lives around 80 years. Depending on itself to survive this time all. When she is between the 40 and 50 years of age it needs to pass for a series of transformations, of more necessary extreme suffering for its survival. Thus, it goes up until highest of the mountain, to protect itself, and there, far from all the eyes of predators, its process of renewal is initiated.