Dog Ticks

The natural alternative against ticks for dogs and cats the company Natura animale distributes amber necklaces for dogs and cats against ticks and thus offers an alternative to the usual chemical means. Effectiveness of the amber necklaces: amber, one of the oldest healing stones at all, contains natural essential oils and unfolds a resinous spicy smell due to friction on the skin of the animal. This, for us humans as a comfort scent is fleas etc as repulsive modeled by ticks, and keeps these small leeches of our favorites. Let convince yourself with the nature of this piece and relieve your pet and your direct environment of unpleasant, toxic chemicals, too. Traditions according to the Bernstein also against following symptoms should act: allergies eczema allergic skin disease inflammation, arthritis vomiting contact fear fear new lack of trust by the absolute advantage of amber beads have negative experiences is that the effect free of any chemical is unfolded. Thus, the body of dogs and cats is not affected. Be sure however, that it is unpolished amber, because only this has this effect. Polished Ambers can be used only for making jewellery.. If you would like to know more then you should visit Allianz.