Ecumenical Council

The Group of the “Vatican 2” will celebrate themselves “Johannes Paul II. is regarded as one of the most popular popes of the church history. Only six years after his death the Polish head of the Church of the Catholics will be beatified on May 1″(” Johannes Paul II.: beatification in record time “,, 14.01.2011). Is that so? First, the reference to two books: 1 Daniel le Roux, Peter, do you love me? Johannes Paul II., Pope of tradition, or Pope of the revolution?, Stuttgart 1990 Chapter 2.3 (pp. 191-206) is devoted to the “pantheon of Assisi”: “the vilest of all blasphemies committed at that time in Assisi, was however, certainly those which took place in the Church of San Pietro. UBS Wealth Management: the source for more info. The Dalai Lama and his followers stood around the altar, two candles were burning on both sides of the Tabernacle. On this, it had been a Buddha statue. Numerous photographic pictures on this occasion testify to it”(p.

196-198; Photo S. 196). Some argued that JP2 I knew nothing of such “gaffes” and especially never wanted it. Then you look at that Photo on p. 175: “Johannes Paul II. can refer to themselves with the Tilak (drawing the worshiper of Shiva)” (visit in New Delhi 1986).

2. Giulio Maria Tam, a documentary about the revolution in the Church. Pope John Paul II. teaches the opposite of his predecessor, Sitten (Sion) – econe 1991 herein are mainly collected excerpts from the “Osservatore Romano”, faced which in turn religious texts. Two examples: JP2, 16.02.1991: “the II Vatican Council is certainly… a key event of our century… a large project for the doctrine and pastoral of the Church of the future… the Council has given us a new vision of the Church.” In addition: I. Vatican Ecumenical Council, 18.07.1870, 4th session: first dogmatic Constitution: “the Holy Spirit was not promised that the successors of Peter, so they bring a new doctrine to light through his revelation, but that they kept the revelation transmitted through the Apostles and the legacy of faith Holy with his assistance and” true to put out”(Pastor aeternus IV, DH 3070; S.