History Of Anime “Spirited Away’

Cartoon 'Spirited away' or 'Spirited Away "has already become a classic of Japanese animation. The story of its creation is quite interesting, so I decided to tell about it. Neither Art. 'Gibli', neither the director creating it did not think it will be international bestseller. And he acted as an anime for little girls.

The idea was born when the director found a forgotten neighborhood children book, comic, making him think about the new project and then wrote the first scenario in which the main character was supposed to be a little older, but the scene was happening in the real world. But this scenario was not accepted by the studio. Then the director decided to change the script, and in the end we got a beautiful and fascinating story of Chihiro and her adventures in the spirit world. The new country was like a synthesis of Japanese legends and Western traditions, seamlessly combining all the main points. Main character has changed to normal ten girls.

She experiences fear of being left without parents, her hard work, scary and lonely, but at the right time it can come together and help those who are nearby, able to understand the feelings of others. Few people know that the Japanese screens cartoon released with a different name – "Sen and Chihiro mysterious disappearance, and we know of 'Spirited Away' was coined by European distributors. This anime has earned a great reputation among viewers of all ages, regardless of what is being done, based on a ten-year audience. In 2001, the cartoon has received his first award, which began a series of conquests, the most significant of which is getting an Oscar in 2003. This is the first anime received the 'Oscar' beating 'Ice Age', 'Treasure Planet', etc.