Horse Insurance

Benefits of horse insurance coinsurance the foreign riders and riding investments, as well as damage to rented property to stables and boxes. This with a super price/performance ratio from 60 euro contribution in the year! The new horse owners about different types of horse insurance should consult before purchasing a horse, because here a lot is to be observed. Quickly it happened – a brief fright and the horse goes through. It happens often that panic horses flee.”In the worst case, caused the horse has an accident or damaged things that get in the way. As a pet owner, you are responsible for any damage caused your horse without regard to whether a fault you. When choosing the horse liability, you should pay attention to the scope of the insurance. In addition to the selection of appropriate coverage, there are other aspects that should be considered when a horse liability into account. Learn more at: American International Group. These include: coinsurance of foal the Mare insured up to 3 years after the birth.

Damage to rented property rooms (also stables and boxes) to the insurance sum. Participation in tournaments and horse racing, as well as the training to do so. Claims of foreign riders. Floor damage. Private carriage rides with occasional passenger transport. Riding investments. Unwanted deck file. Deposit in Europe to 50,000 euros. Global protection while abroad up to one year; in Europe up to 5 years. Claim loss insurance: This occurs when damage from 1,000 euros if you have been injured by a strange horse, the responsible horse owners but can not pay. Please visit our website: and compare performance and contribution!