In Spain

We advise you to take your mobilies system from home. Despite good signs you can engage more in the country. General notes: first applies enable you to indicate, that under certain circumstances it is forbidden to cross borders with a rental car. If you want to make trips across country boundaries, you should check this before the rental with the rental office. Should rental stations do not allow this, you can visit local smaller rental mostly locally, whose Regelungen rather allow border crossings.

Tank warning! In Spain the petrol by up to 35 cents per litre was less costly than in Portugal to create this trip report (2009). A short trip on the Spanish side can be not only beautiful, but spare even your budget. Travel Tip: Still we advise you to go on day trips early and to go through at the beginning to the furthest point. From this point on, they leave the stages on their way back to the hometown. This approach prevents that you made late in the evening, with many impressions and a setting sun long routes must go home. 1st stage: Badajoz (Spain) Badajoz you can take not just a cheap tank on, but also a city that will indicate the typisch-Spanish life.

A few tourists get lost in this city, so the attractions (E.g. the Cathedral) get a few people to face. Badajoz > Elvas 19 km / 0:25 h travel time / 4 Euro 2 day stage: Elvas-Elvas is one of the best preserved fortress cities of the Iberian Peninsula. Despite intense sieges succeeded only a few attackers to set foot inside the city. The massive still well intact fortifications bear witness to the effort, the city fathers operated, in order to protect the city. Nowadays, tourists have to take it easier the city for themselves. We advise you to drive the car up to the Castle and Park.