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As the company spokesperson tells translations last but not least are challenging for the reason, because various scientific disciplines mesh. In the case of archaeology frequently subject areas, using its own specialized terminology overlaps with fields such as geology or geography this in turn. The foreign service provider is a modern project management available, making effective mapping of appropriate for schungstexte with regard to iron age, bronze age, stone age, Neolithic and Paleolithic is guaranteed. It is hardly surprising that in particular Italy a wide field for archaologi-sche studies is not least due to the excavations at Herculaneum and Pompeii. The here applicable translations can be applied with professional fast service translations through a whole pool of Italian translators. Translation German English can provide the foreign service provider. Translators in this language combination requires among other things in connection with the famous Egyptian monuments and in the broadest sense of Egyptology.

But also with regard to Greek German translations require research institutes or museums translations German Greek or Greek German, primarily related to the famous excavations or archaeological sites (Acropolis, Sparta, Delphi). Within the Croatian language translators to wissenschaftli-chen are topics such as periodization or archaeological typology available. Translations German Serbian, English Turkish, Macedonian to German or Japanese German can also with respect to archaeological ceramics, stilts, moist soil settlements as well as in the field of cave paintings, underwater archaeology and aerial archaeology are taken over. Also with Sciences like biology or biochemistry there is overlap within the archaeology”, continues the company spokesperson. In the sense of a perfect translation it is essential that the archaeological translators also have biological, biochemical and chemical expertise”. Otherwise, an adequate translation with regard to specific topics such as DNA analysis, radiocarbon, or strontium isotope analysis was hardly feasible. The translators of the foreign provider have glacier archaeology also translation experience to issues such as settlement archaeology, Archaoinformatik, Geoarchaeology, Paleopathology, mining archaeology, Archaeoastronomy, industrial archaeology, photogrammetry, media archaeology, archaeobotany,. Archaogeometrie, Archaeozoology, Paleoclimatology, etc.