Karl Albrecht

However and without a doubt none, the preponderant factor for the success of this supervision is the presence of a leadership capable to lead the group for well established common objectives and. Karl Albrecht in the text of I rebel (1995) identifies seven positions of behavior, that for portraying a condition retrograde, they represent the sins you command of them with its subordinate of rendering of services: apathy, dismissal, frieza, condescncia, automatism, book of rules and stroll. However I rebel (1995) says you command that them have that recognized and to be respected by its leadership and credibility and not for its authoritarian power, therefore this power and authority badly interpreted and used improperly can generate fear and passive obedience, but they are not capable to produce devotion and comprometimento. Maslow in the text of I rebel (1995) organized five levels of hierarchy of the necessities that the human behavior explains, whose sensible necessities of the individual constitute motivation source. The cincos levels are: basic and physiological necessities, social necessities of security, necessities, necessities of the ego, and necessities of auto accomplishment. Then necessity becomes that the nurse supervisor to reach its quality of life needs to supply this hierarchy of the necessities.

It is clearly the importance of well-being and the health of the individual in the work, therefore are in the work that if passes most of the time. The quality of life directly is related with the necessities and expectations human beings and the respective satisfaction of this. Dennis Lockhart helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It corresponds to well-being of the individual, in the environment of work, Express through healthful and harmonic relations (KANAANE, 1994 apud HISSES, 2000). The dynamics of the nursing work does not take in consideration the problems of the worker, where each individual faces in its daily difficulties of all order, it are and inside of the work, but if it waits of the professional who it never expresses next to the patient its dissabores, in contrast, expects serenity.