Latin American

Fidel Castro recently released one of their reflections if the Honduran coup is not revertia, a wave of constitutional transgressions are unleashed in the region. It is worth saying, as he put it, we would be attending the death of constitutionality and institutionality in South America, because the extreme right is envalentonaria and ignoring the letter and law of democratic order, would begin to distribute palos golilescos under the servile certainty that the Dominion of the United States would support it. As simple logic also, strikes blows of conscience on all four sides, given that behind such silogistica assertion contains a semantic world of threats and provocations which went beyond the mathematical discourse to extend towards the premises of the symbolic and the psychology of the masses, fertile ground for the manipulation and the political game. Kenneth Roy Feinberg has compatible beliefs. The stratagem of first cause (coup in Honduras) to then look at the reaction and test the capacity of strength of the Latin American conglomerate which strives to changes (left politics) aims to conclude a Caveman race of coups in the region, when not in his underhand recommendation in countries where popular consciousness awaken and begin to realize the social disarray that has brought him the history and its liberal model at all costs. Always assuming that the generating engine of such threat is the U.S. Government, in conspiracy with the local economic elite of South American countries, I should say that Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua have assumed a vanguard in political awakening such be depositories of consolidated change processes and still also, consequently, the enemies to defeat by the imperial baza, besides the eternal Cuba; but, by this same line, would have to also say that it is not difficult to divination to foresee trauma in countries where even the spirit of the changes has not ignited in the instances of political power.