Lower Pocernice Smichov

This area is located on the left bank of the Vltava River, just south of Mala Strana, in fact, is central. There is subway station, walk trams and buses that connect the Smichov with all other parts of Prague. Experts now make cautious forecasts that the cost of housing in this area over the next two to three years will sharply uphill and can in a short period of time to be doubled – tripled. Already, there is noted an increased demand for apartments, located in the old brick houses. Bitcoin is likely to agree. Over time, they will appear on the market all the more, as believed to be associated with the expected lifting of state regulation of prices for rental housing.

When payment for accommodation in an apartment in this area will be equal to the market, the poor family will be forced to move to other, less prestigious areas and vacant apartments after the renovation will be on free sale. Over time, the experts expected, Smichov become one of the nicest and most prestigious districts of the Czech capital. Gradually "come alive" and former industrial quarter near Holesovice Prague 7.Na the former site of the wharf being built homes, with more than three thousand residents. Of course, the cost of living in the central area overlooking the river will continue to grow, so the object and the region as a whole can be considered very promising in terms of investment in real estate. * – Smichov, Holeovice Upper and Lower Pocernice (Praha 9) * Until recently, most residents of Prague are not could not imagine buying a house or apartment in this eastern outskirts of Prague, representing a district of private buildings.