Marketing Krasnogorsk

It is a Pre-existing rule that with a small work surface and the wooden handle is not possible to achieve high productivity. There was a trapezoidal aluminum rule, which had a large area of the working surface, but a number of disadvantages, such as: – overweight – not ergonomic to use – you can not use the entire work surface. All this explained the need to develop an entirely new A rule that would have increased the efficiency of application, workload and it was convenient to use. scussion. Develop a new model rule Stupino trading house could not at once, this was preceded by extensive research study. Samples were tested at the training center “Knauf Marketing Krasnogorsk, where it was confirmed compliance with all standards and technologies.

As a result of years of work Stupinskiy h-shaped profile was patented and successfully adjusted production. The goals of the design rules are a special h-shaped aluminum profile, different from the trapezoidal more working space surface of the equalizer and convenient, appropriate ergonomic standards, the holder. Due to corrosion material, h-shaped generally increases the efficiency and tool life. Usually contains an equalizer and the holder 2, made in the form of aluminum profile with the h-shaped cross-section. Profile made of aluminum alloy AD31, 6063, 6060 and / or aluminum. On the edge of the holder 2 is seal 3, which promotes the convenience of use and reduce traumatic. Profile, just long 0,5-4 m, width 10-16 cm and a height of 2-4 cm principle of rule Stupino h-shaped next. Immediately after applying the solution onto the surface made his pre-leveling (contraction along the lighthouse, if installed), the contraction, the distribution of the mixture on the surface is h-shaped rule.

First, the fingers grasp the rule for holder so that the thumbs were under him, and the other encircled holder on top. Further, the rule is pressed against the work surface to the uncured plaster mix and produce his grout. If there is insufficient solution, made his re-application and leveling. Shaped surface is brought to the required shape and h-shaped rule. Thus, applying Stupino h-shaped rule you will achieve the following Results: High performance, ease of use, reduction of traumatic, saving time and money, improve tool life.