Medical Council

DocCheck survey on the use of placebos Cologne, May 11, 2011 it is medically appropriate to prescribe placebos? According to a recommendation of the Medical Council, the use of placebos is at least partially useful. The DocCheck market research has asked among doctors about the reactions with interesting results. “” Prof. Dr. Robert Ju? tte, referred? while fu? r the BK Arbeitskreis placebo in medicine “, summarizes the scientific knowledge: erwu can be with the use of placebos? maximize desired drug effects, unerwu? desired effects reduce and reduce costs in the health system.” The estimates in the medical profession are, however, divided, revealed the survey through the DocCheck market research.

The results of the survey among 164 medical professionals, including general practitioners, internal medicine, pain therapists and psychiatrist: more than two-thirds of the participants think it’s fu? r sense to prescribe their patients with mild complaints placebos. However, survey has just half of all respondents according to the DocCheck in the past quarter prescribed placebos. That the use of placebos in future gains in relevance, expect at least 50 percent of the surveyed physicians. Almost three quarters of the participants see a possible area for placebo, the placebo prescribe, in the treatment of patients with mental abnormalities. Also fu? r possible keeps the u? consider majority attempted treatment with placebo with chronic pain or insomnia. Basically, however, apply: the patient knows that he will receive only a placebo, so can the gewu often? desired therapeutic effect will not be achieved. This fact is reflected in the survey: on the question of whether patients u? ber informs the treatment with a placebo are mu? ssten all participants answered the survey No.

Critics see this as a possible trust dilemma. Not only that this reprehensible and irresponsible would be, if the patient this takes damage. It undermines long-term confidence in the medical treatment “, so says Meike Csicsaky of the DocCheck market research the reaction of a psychologist. “Other voices suspected finally a clean bill of health walk? r homeopaths” “, so Meike Csicsaky next, and a commentator was also more accurate in this direction: Fu? r faith churches have been responsible.”