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by vascular flow Technologies Ltd based in Scotland Speyer, the Angiopro GmbH, headquartered in Speyer, exclusive dealer which PV bypass graft products is September 17, 2012 – now and AV access graft of the Scottish vascular flow Technologies Ltd. “Both products are ePTFE grafts, using the same revolutionary technology: spiral laminar flow”. This principle is to help return the physiology of blood flow within the prosthesis from the turbulent spiral River before it reaches the distal anastomosis. Through the built-in spiral blood nestles gentler to the vessel wall, causing complications, such as spinal stenosis and thrombosis can be reduced significantly. Study data of the CE of certified hair grafts recently showed significantly better data than long-standing market competitors over a period of 30 months to the part. “We are very pleased to be able to present these high quality of a study in a prestigious scientific journal and are encouraged by the results that we are using our products in the right direction” CEO of vascular flow Technologies Ltd. who study shows go clear”, explains Bill Allan, very, that spiral laminar flow treatment outcomes significantly improved technology. We will collect still more clinical experience and records and forward to the wide positive feedback of the impact of our spiral laminar products on the patient flow”, he explains how to continue.

This technology is probably the biggest innovation in the bypass grafts for over 15 years. With an organized coil with opinion-shaping centres we want to establish this technology in Germany, because we are convinced that these products effectively help the patients”, says Julian Rieck from the Angiopro GmbH. background information on the Angiopro GmbH: Angiopro GmbH is a classic distributor company for high-quality, innovative medical technology in cardiovascular applications. Over a decade the Angiopro offers the latest standard with best service its clients (D, A, CH). background information about vascular flow technologies Ltd.: Vascular flow technologies is a Scottish company, which developed surgical technologies in the area of peripheral vascular disease and the peripheral arterial Occlusive Disease. Their prostheses with the innovative spiral laminar flow technology are also used in hemodialysis patients.