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If your home is a new building, the increase in your home’s value will be very serious. The math? 1.5 * 0.4 = 0.6 million rubles per year. Over 10 years: 0,6 * 10 = 6 million rubles. ” Now let us compare costs with the addition of value: 6-3,45 = 2.55 mln. Now we think we dispelled the myth of the expensive, because in reality, the mortgage – a profitable investment! Besides all these years you will live in his apartment, and will not pay the rent housing.

And, as opposed to the first misconception, is a polar view of the group of people: the mortgage – it is very affordable. Take it – and enjoy the benefits of free money! We hasten to call to your mind when you are fan of the idea. Before taking a mortgage, is to weigh all the pros and cons to think about their financial position for the duration of the loan repayment. Calculate it yourself! Do this several times, and then you will understand if you can pull the mortgage interest. There is another popular misconception, which is based on “awareness” of people that soon the mortgage will be very cheap. One has only to wait, and here they are cheap and easy to return the money! Have to disappoint you.

Sharp decline in interest will not. Interest rates on all loans that offer banks that are closely tied to the Central Bank refinancing rate, which in turn formed according to inflation. Now inflation in our country is quite high, to the same American liquidity crisis is not the best way possible impact on the domestic economy. There are other myths of mortgage. One of them is related to age, which is determined by the Bank in respect of borrowers. The average age of Russian borrower – 30 years. But do not think that if you’re 40-45, you will not be able to enter into mortgage relationship with the bank! You work, get a steady income, before the official retirement of more than 5 years? You definitely can count on getting a mortgage. But the possible conditions you better in the bank. More one serious error is associated with mortgage insurance. It is believed that it is not very profitable, expensive. Yes, of course, the insurance – it is a serious waste, but we can not say that this is an unnecessary expense. All people, to Unfortunately, maybe fortunately, it is not working arrangements, and can add up so that a person, which bears the burden of repayment mortgage loans, lost his ability to work. In this case, the insurance company to help. So, Insurance – a necessary item of expenditure. In any case, whether to take a mortgage, or not worth, it’s up to you. This question requires a delicate and balanced solutions. Well, as a result of events almost entirely dependent on the soundness of the preliminary analysis of your opportunities, because you only under the force correctly evaluate them! Therefore: The cool head, a calculator, a family council and clearly thought-out decision.

Green Buildings

Despite the attempts of several private companies to implement existing technologies in the construction of homes with zero power consumption, such construction does not have high demand from developers. This is due to the mentality of Russian people, who are accustomed to, that they are holders of the most extensive reserves of natural resources and low level of adaptation of foreign experience in Russian conditions. It is very difficult to assess the benefits of the operation of the building when the cost and complexity of its construction many times more than conventional homes. Do not look for ways to reduce the cost of materials and technologies for construction free homes. For example, such material as foamed glass, which brings the best qualities of the various heaters to the production of which was ready to start Krasnoyarsk firm “Construction”, found no support for investors. Although, to run the plant, the capacity of which would be enough to ensure the needs of all construction sites in Krasnoyarsk, needed investments in the region of 4 billion rubles. Therefore foamglass delivered either because border, or use the development of neighboring regions whose characteristics are far inferior to the claimed Krasnoyarsk researchers.

Consequently, to not cheap material cost is added and the transport consumption. For a country like Russia can not offer a universal draft Green Buildings. Too much territory, too large differences in climate, topography, the soils in the presence of natural resources. For some cities European part of our country it is possible to apply the experience of western countries, leaving their proposals unchanged. But for the Siberian regions need something new.

Perhaps it will be a symbiosis of Western ideas with centuries-old experience of the builders of northern peoples. They really have something to learn. Consciously or blindly following the centuries-old traditions, the builders of the northern peoples genius simply solve difficult problems. Moreover, in conditions of industrial production, these techniques can unify and replicate, to provide universal mounting and as simple and quick assembly a sufficiently large structures. As you know, in terms of angles facilities undergoing big heat loss – this is due to the advent of cold bridge design in this troubled place, as well as the orientation of the compass. The solution can peek in the design of the needle, Yurts, The Plague. They no angles, they are made in the form of a dome. Moreover, there is a ready-made version of the structural design of buildings – a geodesic dome. For example, a Spanish company Valpak, has made the cost of carcass per square meter residential area of 89.57 euros. Thus it is possible to obtain not only a home that can save you a lot of money in the operation, but that does not require large expenditures on the construction stage. To create a home zero energy for the conditions in Russia there are many moves and variations. They require a detailed study in the very near future. The result of these studies will become economically profitable, environmentally friendly House, backed by not only the drawings and calculations, but also building a base that is available for each locality, scientific development, running into mass production, as well as the only positive reviews, the tenants of these houses future.

World Practice

Petersburg, communication is more expensive and worse. If we take a regional town, you can not exclude the situation that you encounter there are only two operators, which can dictate any prices, what they want. In addition, whether the regional center in the city is loaded enough to cover your monthly expenses and profit? To answer this question, it is necessary to conduct local research in the field of your interest. 9 To promote business in the market looking for new partners and expand their services Try to carry out comprehensive campaigns. Hold shares in high schools, clubs, hotels.

Use as a means of promoting outdoor advertising, advertising in the media, in the subway. Do not forget the bright and catchy sign – as confirmed by the study, about 30% of visitors come to the internet cafe when he saw it was her. World Practice shows that large Internet cafes are on the path wider range of its services. Additional may be any suggestions, interesting target audience. For example, now through our Internet center launched project, which will allow visitors to get acquainted with the newest and most fashionable music and movies directly to Cafemax; here you can buy new items, chat with your favorite actor, producer or his press office, get opportunity to visit some interesting concerts, club parties and movie premieres. 10 Try to cover all categories of POS; antibodies In addition to integrated advertising campaigns and the expansion of services, do not forget about the personal approach to each client. This – the best advertising. For example, to attract visitors, you can open free courses for novice pc users.

Enter the club network cards. Try to keep a man who will come to you, it was as comfortable as possible. Many of the computer smoking – create a smoking area, and some like to drink beer or coffee at the computer – provide an opportunity to make orders without leaving the workplace. If you think over all the details – you will want to return again and again. In the magical kingdom rolls

First Think

Now I want to talk about how God acts in our lives. In all religions there is prayer, is the way many scholars have chosen to communicate with the infinite power called god, are words of power, chosen to live in our subconscious and begin to activate neurons and produce electrical impulses, to attract we ask. But we are continually praying but we do not need more than a moment, then I mean that the force acting on our behalf or against us, and here I want to say a big secret: God exists, but also I say that our thinking is tied to the, therefore, everything we think we attract into our lives through the great infinite force that obeys our thoughts. You’ve heard people who are blind?

That according to have mental powers? Some of them really have them, but this requires years of continuous exercise of self-suggestion, open-mindedness. Now let’s consider what we are: Are you happy in your marriage, you’re missing, that sags, repeatedly in conflict with your spouse, money is not paid, can not find work, now that you’ve analyzed your life, discuss your thoughts, do you see frequently, what thoughts dominate you, when you propose a business which is your reaction if you are someone who always stop to think that it will not work, then so be it, our brains together with the force infinite, are very obedient, the motto of our mind is “your wish is our command” then first try to change our thoughts, this is the first point to win the game of life.

Paying Foreign Debt

The situation became untenable. They can not or will meet in the temple to fulfill their ritual jeroky nembo'e. The rattles and no longer takuara may sound. They can not drink their kaguy (chicha). They can no longer meet in assemblies. They can not regularly meet with any of these ancient sacred principles common to almost all of them. And to think that these principles are the reason for their lives. Indians have long started to fade and survive in this threatening dark.

They became invisible to our senses (they are but are not), hence we became insensitive to their plight. Neither the Jews or blacks, or those with cancer or HIV, etc.. have been so discriminated against and have been scorned as Indigenous communities, and there is no worse form of a reduction than that which is generated in precisely the discrimination and contempt. The reduction covered their lands, their religions, cultures and languages in particular. The conquerors, in the name of God and King, murdered millions of Indians, and those who survived the holocaust were raped, enslaved and subjected to all kinds of hard labor. Then the missionaries were commissioned proceed with the further reduction, the religious, the cross, which was also violent, bloody and tragic. The few Indians who survive today are subjected to the reduction of the landowners, of pesticides and environmental degradation, which are the modern face of the reduction but evil and death. While a few powerful exponents of the company boast mentioning that agribusiness (soy, especially GM) is the best tool to pay the foreign debt, hundreds of innocent Indians and non-indigenous are being contaminated criminally.


Close radiator that does not need to maintain their quality of daily life. Keep doors and never leave the heating on when no ESTs at home. Install programmable thermostats to automatically regulate the temperature of the room. Install double glazing. Ventilate the room quickly. The best way to ventilate a room is to turn off the heating and the windows open no more than 10 minutes. Under normal conditions, turn up the heat enough in the morning. In the evening, except in very cold areas, you should turn off the heat, as the heat accumulated in the home is usually more than enough (especially if they close blinds and curtains).

A Proper maintenance of our individual boiler will save up to 15% of energy. Do not cover or place anything next to the radiators. ELECTRODOMSTICOS Its consumption, according AVEN, in most homes can mean more than 50% of the electricity bill. Choose always very least, energy class A are those with lower consumption. WASHING MACHINE AND DISHWASHER Always use fully charged and if they have, using economic programs and half load. Wash dishes by hand, according to AVEN, it may be up to 60% more expensive in energy, water and detergent to do with a modern dishwasher low. Whenever possible, wash with cold water or low temperature.

Periodically clean water filters and monitor equipment maintenance. Use softeners and regularly clean the washer filter impurities and lime. Try to use the dishwasher when fully loaded. At half load, use short or economic programs.

Immune System

While ineffective immune systems or assets may cause disease, other diseases can also compromise the immune system's ability to fight disease. Many times certain drugs used during the course of treatment negatively affects the immune system, which in turn can be a cause behind the occurrence of another condition. The body of a dog is able to fight for themselves against minor illnesses. The frequent occurrences of skin disorders, allergies, respiratory and eye disorders and other general problems are sure signs of dysfunction of the immune system in domestic animals. It is important to be alert to let the situation get out of hand. Maintaining the health of your pet's immune system not only restrict frequent occurrences of diseases, but also help to improve chances of survival in case of serious illness. The proven to help fight the disease. Antioxidants also limit cell damage and thus provide support for immune system when the disease occurs.

Vitamins are a group of organic substances essential in small quantities for normal metabolism. Vitamin C and E are specific antioxidants that are commonly used as supplements to counter chemical oxidants that arise during cell damage. Vitamin C also plays a key role in the increased production of T-cell for increased resistance to bacterial and viral infections and allergies. Vitamin E, on the one hand prevents oxidation of vitamin A, red blood cells and unsaturated fatty acids. Carotene, an orange compound unsaturated hydrocarbon found in many plants, is converted into vitamin A in the liver.

It is essential for skin growth, digestion and a healthy repair body tissue and the protective mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat and lungs to reduce vulnerability to infection. Bioflavonoids or simply flavonoids, a group of antioxidant chemical compounds widely found often as a pigment in plants, fruits and vegetables, are known as 'biological response modifiers of nature'. They have a strong built-in capability to affect how the body responds to allergens, viruses and carcinogens. Flavonoids are widely present in plants and protect against microbes and insects. Diseases such as liver disease in dogs or feline liver disease is highly progressive diseases are also difficult to diagnose and even lead to death of your pet. Moreover, the symptoms of liver disease in dogs and cats are varied and subtle and is likely to be diagnosed late. It would be unwise to look for vitamin supplements at the time of illness. Better be safe than cure. The preferred approach should be to reduce the incidence and severity of disease in dogs and cats. As much as possible, try to feed a natural diet to your dog, and use. If you must buy commercial dog food, buy one with enough information so that you can understand the contents mentioned in the label to avoid those that contain chemical preservatives. Chemical preservatives do more harm than the possible benefits of the ingredients. To ensure that your dog is eating the best food, feed a home cooked diet that is rich in vitamin C, E and A, antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids for benefits for the immune system. Although dogs need proteins in meat, a healthy mix of meat and vegetables will go a long way to derive the benefits that vitamins and flavonoids might provide the immune system.

To Participate In An Affiliate Program, You Need Not Have Or Create A Unique Product

Maybe you’ve heard repeatedly that to participate in one, you need not have or create a unique product. This can be considered one of the biggest advantages of Business Partners because, among other things: You can start faster in this e-commerce. As the product to be sold with this system has been created by someone else, the elaboration of the time does not exist for the member, making it possible to start business as soon as decided. Makes it easier the work of the affiliate. To create a quality product, it requires a substantial investment of time, effort and money. In Affiliate Programs, you can choose between selling products that you wish to promote. So, all that remains to capture views to the page of the owner.

In short, the work of the affiliate is solely and exclusively work for promotion. Undoubtedly represent one of the ways to start making money quickly and easily via the Internet. It’s a business without risk or investment. All that is needed is have the resources for advertising and or promotion. That is, an appropriate Affiliate Marketing. Can promote the best and top selling products on the market. Of the larger companies like Sony for example, without having to create a single electronic equipment. In an affiliated business, just trying to help a merchant or product owner to promote the same in return for a commission.

Dont Lose Life Looking for Wealth

What will happen to my reputation over time? Will I at least smell some flowers, at least hear some songs? What will my happen to my heart? What vain we have come to appear in the world. Anonymous THE FLOWER AND THE SONG sprout flowers. are fresh, thrive, opening its petals. Inside you leave the flowers of song: you, oh poet, the spill over others. Chalco anonymous. THE CACTUS AND GUIL a reached the spot where stands the wild cactus there on the edge of the cave, and saw the eagle standing quiet in the wild cactus: eat there, there and starts devouring the cave the remains of what you eat. And the eagle saw the Mexicans, he bowed deeply. And the eagle could see from afar.

The nest and its seat was toso him how many feathers are fine; tile feathers, bird feathers and red quetzal feathers. And also there were precious birds’ heads and feet of birds and bird bones stretched thin on the ground. God spoke to them and said: “Aah, Mexicans, here it is! Mexico is here! And although they did not see the speaker, they began to mourn and say, Felices us happy at last! Ahem been and where it must be our city! Let us go and we’re going to stand here! Anonymous secure evidence flowers FLOWERS NEW! AA put on them, O princes, to acquire its wealth! Extremely fleeting show his face, shooting reverberate. Just in time become perfect green. wings yellow flowers of a thousand petals! come near the flowers next to the mountain! Huejotzingo anonymous.

Dr. Jose Orlando Magno is one of the youngest scientific philosophers who owns the country. has a large number of published works. in his last statement says that the country advances little by little investment in education, since most investment in Colombia is offering to the war, why the brains of Colombia escape, otherwise they would live almost in poverty, as happens with the Colombian teachers. as the state looks at them as tools and a lower number of workers.

Jobs are Abundant in Dubai

Dubai in United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s fastest growing employment hotspots. Up to 20 new companies established in free trade zones in the emirate every week and since 2002 some 650 companies have registered in the zone of Dubai Media City free trade alone. In particular in the fields of tourism, information technology, media and finance there are job opportunities for qualified and if you are interested in working in Dubai here a guide for use in the most exciting, tax free, of fastest growing multi cultural location worldwide.

Yes, you heard me right, Dubai is tax free? if you live and work in the emirate your income will be paid to you gross and furthermore, if you buy a house to live in you will not be subject to property taxes because direct personal taxation is against the law in Dubai! The emirate currently has 15 free trade zones and 7 more are in the planning stages. The free trade zones where foreign companies can establish themselves and grow without the restriction of corporate taxation, for example, and without being subject to a majority local structure. As a direct result of incentives provided to companies abroad, taking in the free trade zones has been incredible and employment opportunities for foreign personnel are being created within them on a weekly basis. To work in Dubai you need a work permit and a residence visa and the majority of employers arrange these for their expatriate work force when they designate. .