Pharmaceutical Market Online

Pharmaceutical drugs offered through specialized promoters at certain levels, omitting important details such as information management. IVAN CARRASCO AKIYAMA () states that: “The knowledge to good pharmaceutical information management should be through a multidisciplinary staff can streamline specialties such as medicine, pharmacology, psychology of prescribing, dispensing psychology pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical marketing, medical speech , pharmaceutical advertising and communication skills including medical and pharmaceutical logic as key elements to enable quality circles in the offer “DEFINITION OF DIGITAL Ivan Aleppo Pharmaceutical Marketing Director and creator Akiyama CiberDiagnosta defined project:” The Pharmaceutical Marketing Digital is an interactive process based on the concept pharmacist which involved doctors, pharmacists and patients as part of a cybernetic mechanism monitored in platforms which interact scientific information using search engines, banners, affiliate programs, e-mail marketing, branding, public relations network, and more. In this process are developed and implemented DIGITAL TECHNIQUES AND STRATEGIES aimed at meeting the comprehensive needs of the physician prescriptive, and dispensing pharmacist for the problems related to patient’s pathological. MONITORING AND CONTROL DIGITAL promotion of certain products through ON LINE should be subject to the interaction of specialists and criteria that the use of standardized information in many cases is insufficient for the specialist seeking to expand their scientific knowledge. The advertising of non-prescription products may be based on basic information that can be fed to users in an interactive way, always under supervision of specialists. Patients in the near future will interact with the latter obtaining medical immediate practical advice before a full prescription, thus digital strategies will depend on the patients registered in a particular pathology digital platforms for physicians must be different to those designed for pharmacists, promoting scientific and medical information and complete the first pharmaceutical and drug information with certain medical information. Credit: Home Depot-2011. (Contra) to the latter, both should be easily navigable.

Ideally, those who build the format are clear that information is not common but specialized information you need to do content management, which must be the result of extensive research. The extent of this should take into account that the purpose is to inform and not to tire the medical users who normally do not have time to read and has great mind crammed with medical information. In much of the medical information included irrelevant advertising has only a business purpose to damage the image of pharmaceutical products in the same arousing suspicion. The URLs should be easy to remember including a description of what information platform, such as physician specialty. Building a scorecard through cyberspace where indicators must be appropriate to the pathology versus sales. Investment in new strategic formulations, benefits in various international markets. Monitored niche marketplaces, collection of medical opinion leaders through the implementation of digital platforms exclusively for doctors by specialty, where they can socialize professionally and obtain updated information on scientific work related or required by conditions.