While it was interned in this center of whitewashing, recouped sufficiently, also to the point of readquirir the balance and, they only see, until giving passinhos with the due aids, human beings and materials, that its physical situation demands. ' ' It does not have well that it never finishes? ' ' as it has immense people to the vacant wait for this and other services, fellow creatures or not, Ticha, after this spectacular recovery, was side ece of fish, that is it passed literally of a state of excellent assistance, for an assistance state none. It came back toward house and ready, it lost everything what it had profit in the period where passed there. Intelligent this system of health, not? It invests monetary and material to human ways, technician, in the primary recovery them people and later puff, it leaves them it its luck, without no form of support so that if it keeps what the cost of immense physical investment and not only, if it earned, for times in some months. Result of the rocking.? Null! Thus it is Ticha, the physical level. It lives with the souvenir of what it had, it lost, it came back to earn and now already it does not have of new.

Ticha however, was chosen to incorporate these mine ' ' Summaries of Vidas' ' this means that it has something in it or in it encircles what it distinguishes that it or makes to deserve distinction. In this way, if its physical state is little good, the same not if it can say in relation to its emotional state, its personal characteristics and even though to family the one that belongs today, which also it already contributed for the increase of the number of individuals. Far from being discouraged, discouraged or to give up, Ticha it is a young where starting in its voice candy and meiga, passing for its contagiantes calm and tranquilidade and finishing in its look of ternura for everything and all, but mainly for its, she emanates energy and will of living.