Promotion Articles

All pages should have 2-3 links to home. Duplicate menu. For example, if you have a horizontal menu at the top of the site, then duplicate it on the bottom. Make additional links to main sections menu on all pages. Put a list of the most popular materials from the site (for example, WordPress is solved plugin Most Popular, which you can find in my article '84 best plugin WordPress'), as well as a list of recent entries. At the end of each article, make a few references to similar materials. Except improve indexing, it will increase the number of pages viewed on your site (if you have a WordPress, then use the plug-Related Articles, you can find all the same article of '84 best plugin WordPress'). Try the text of each page 1-2 times to refer to other articles on your site.

8. Rule of three clicks. Make the navigation on the site so that any page of your site was available not more than 3 clicks from the homepage. Official site: Robotics. 9. Try not to make the drop-down menu scripts and flash, making it difficult to site indexing by search engines.

10. Add a site to add a form of search engines: Add Site to Yandex website Add to Google Add this site to Rambler Add this site to Aport Add this site to mns Add category, and are looking for a link to 'Submit URL' in the upper right corner. Add site to directory – choose the appropriate category, and at the bottom looking for a link 'Add Site'. Add this site to MEGA-ToP – 'Add' button in the menu. 13. Add site social bookmarks (more on social bookmarking you can read in my paper, 'Review of social bookmarking Runet'). A big plus social bookmarking is that they can add internal pages. In each service need to register. To facilitate the addition of web pages in Use social bookmarking services, and also set the button to add a bookmark at the end of each Articles from your site or service Once so. This will allow your visitors to add your own articles that they liked in their social bookmarks. These English-language services – and. I recommend to add every worthwhile article from your site in social bookmarking. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Technology author. 14. Write an interesting article on your site, and place it in a social news services. Each service must register. w net 15. Domain Registration. Avoid areas. Info and. Org for domain registration, as it happens that Yandex bad their indexes. 16. Buy links to home pages of its internal or site (whichever you want to index) on the stock exchanges of links or Sape Xap. This is a very effective way. To get the maximum effect, I recommend to buy links from sites located in Yandex (for Yandex) and Dmoz'e (for Google). Fastest indexed links from the main page. The higher the tci and Google PageRank to purchased sites, the better. To avoid misunderstanding, I recommend manually browse websites on which you bought links. 17. Write page with links to their site and post it on the stock exchanges of articles,,. More information about the progress of articles: 'Website Promotion Articles. " Plus, this option is that you can quickly find lots of sites and place them on paper. 18. Write and fee to post an article on the sites of similar subjects. Find sites that are ready to place your articles, you can at specialized forums: Plus, this option is, you pay for posting articles once.