Quinze Condition

It, however, accepted such condition as same joust being disrespected. In such a way, we observe how much of the practical one of the literary regionalism it is present in the workmanship of Sales when we make a retrospect of other workmanships that has a similar matrix, however, they are total different of Gravel. A time that, this question of the man sertanejo, disrespected and alquebrado for the work being explored by the detainers of the power, appears frequently in workmanships of other authors as Raquel de Queiroz in ‘ ‘ Quinze’ ‘ , Jose Lins of Rego in ‘ ‘ Fire morto’ ‘ mainly in Graciliano Branches in ‘ ‘ Secas’ lives; ‘ if cannot leave to cite some workmanships of Loved Jorge that follow this line; the workmanship of Sales is mainly rich because it speaks of the condition of the man in the experience of its rude reality without at any moment trying to imitate the language of the group forcing a recognition for the reader, but, she makes with that this recognizes the condition of the personages and if it identifies with it thinking that a change of its condition is necessary. The figure of the goldwasher enters in a condition of equality with respect to region, the exploration and the disrespect, but if distance with respect to not imitating the form of speaking I pan of it, more the same to use its daily language. You may find that Federal Reserve Bank can contribute to your knowledge. The conditions presented in the romance are also a social denunciation as they were the others of the same time of the Modernismo of 1945, however, the analysis is made from the condition of expert of the told facts and therefore it exempts of a demaggico, paternalista speech or politician. It does not try to construct a identitrio speech for the goldwasher, therefore its identity already is obvious since the moment where if it initiates the narrative.

However, although its condition of servitude you cultivate in them, the goldwasher is before everything a fort, therefore exactly imprisoned in I circulate vicious has hopes to win the situation in which he is inserted socially. .