Recipe Smoked Salmon

Pasta salad recipe has obviously mood forms of preparation. The recipe that I’ll go telling for this article is for a pasta salad with Smoked Salmon. It also contains mayonnaise, but you can also replace it for something else, even parts of the mixture of sour cream, yogurt and cottage cheese. According to the instructions, the recipe should be sufficient for servings or less 6 people. All the preparation and cooking time could be around 30 minutes, although this can vary. Ingredients 11 oz pasta of your choice 1 onion, chopped 1 carrot small, grated 1 / 2 c. celery, chopped 1 / 2 c. cucumber, cut into dice 8 oz salmon, smoked, 1 / 2-inch pieces 2 tsp.

lemon juice 1 / 3 c. mayonnaise salt, pepper, Cayenne and pepper to taste instructions get a pot that is large enough, and more fill out of the way with water. Slightly from putting salt and over high heat, until it boils. Add the paste and allow it come to a boil again. Do not cover the pot and allow to cook the pasta. Once It is completely cooked, but a little sign, taken from a side.This can be about 12 minutes. Drain the pasta and use cold water to rinse.

Then place it in a bowl to mix with the rest of the ingredients. Mix all four vegetables and the smoked salmon in the pasta, thus obtaining the ingredients evenly distributed. On the other hand, mix the lemon juice and mayonnaise, as well as any spices like salt, pepper, etc pour the sauce in salad of pasta, and again more evenly distributes everything. The Smoked Salmon really is one of my favorite dishes, but if you want to accompany it with something more like a pasta salad, either preparing salmon to the oven, or a fillet baked in our recipe find great recipes to prepare them.