Rectory Sattelstadt Changes The Operator

The operator moved the parsonage in Sattelstadt beautiful hours in the old rectory and the parish house in the spring of this year. “After many years of Jurgen Meissner alias cucumber” the parsonage to a gastronomic meeting place for young and old established, is the tradition of regular events and of cozy togetherness with good music from the new operators; Sven Seyfarth Mechterstadt and Dominik Ruge from waltershausen, continued. Various events such as the beer garden opening in April with the Lauchaer brass suppliers, a dance evening with the duo two sound in May and an entertaining evening with the entertainer Tommy alias Tommy’s live music in June was by the audience of the surrounding communities very well accepted. In July, the Lauchaer men’s Choir sang onstage vine of the Vicarage, and with the support of the kindergarten from Sattelstadt, a children’s Party was held in the same month. The Italian evening earlier this month was another highlight.

A rich buffet of Italian Angelo” (“Owner restaurant La dolce Vita” at the Gothaer Neumarkt) made with over 60 guests for maximum culinary delights. Musical gracefully framed, it was stylish, Italian musician Don Vito. The response for this event was great and the organizers had to promise the guests, to repeat this in not too large distance. On the new homepage of the Vicarage to find among rectory you can find previews of the next event, the drinks and menu or pictures of the last event. In the age of Web 2.0, you can find the old vicarage now even on Facebook as a group of old rectory Sattelstadt “, wherein one learns more quickly the latest news to the small Kneiper.” Also the new operator will equip also private parties, so already stag parties, confirmations, stag and Office parties were held.

For events in the House, the old rectory offers approximately 40 sites and in the summer months are by various tent or Canopy variations parties up to 100 people in the external area possible. The wine cellar Venus Grotto”is no longer just used for cosy wine dinners and wine tastings, but offers also a setting for rustic Knight’s dinner. For this purpose, there should be at least 8 persons by appointment. You will find more information also on the homepage or under. Wednesday is always cocktail evening and on Sundays there’s fresh baked cakes by Christa from 14: 00. The rectory is on the circular bicycle trail, cyclists are seen often and like. Therefore, there is always free for cyclists the first Apple Spritzer.