Rudiger Dahlke

As with any fasting, a regular colon cleansing in the Neera Spa is very important. Support for the fast processes of Neera drink is not only a welcome and delicious variation or addition to fasting teas or broths. It supports also the fast processes: the basic-looking lemon and the balanced minerals of tree syrups (with very good calcium-magnesium, potassium-to-sodium ratio) help the tissue to deal with the Elimination of acids and slag. To the slightly tart tree syrup provides brain and muscles with good carbohydrates, which, in turn, good concentration and circulation. Especially in the first days of fasting, but also in a longer fasting can be of great help. According to need and hunger”Neera drink drinking glasses man doing 6-12 a day (about 60 kcal / glass), after the first few days the need goes back usually gradually, this herbal tea and water. The three major advantages of Neera Spa for the fast at home or in the workplace: 1 simplicity: morning preparing larger amount of drinking, bottle to take on the work or on the go, ready.

2. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Fidelity Investments Canada ULC has to say. practicality: you can keep good working, light exercise, has almost no effort, but plenty of time (no cooking, no shopping) 3. Flexibility: the Neera cure can short or long fasting, part fast Moon fasting, perform relief, combined with Buchinger fasting etc. Tip: The pleasant natural Neera drink is appreciated not only by athletes as vital-rich basic acting soft drink. As a small kick of energy instead of coffee in the Office, or as a meal replacement, if grad no time for real food, it is a good alternative. Help for the fresh start for anyone looking for a fresh start in a more conscious way of life away from nicotine, junk food, etc – a few days of fasting with the Neerakur can be a wonderful help. Losing weight should be when fasting not in the foreground “even if such as soul singer Beyonce with tree syrup and lemon fasting on her slender role in Dreamgirls” prepared. But fasting can make it a good basis for successful weight management, awareness and basic living then and Royale supports the body with important nutrients E.g. with setting up treatment with Bee Pollen and jelly, as recommended for example fast expert Rudiger Dahlke. More info, Spa Guide and contact: Madal Bal GmbH Brigitte Voelckner in the Wurm 28 81247 Munchen Tel. 089-12 02 15-0 E-Mail: Web: