Solucionador Professional

Nobody needs to be flat, authoritarian and sensitive to be a competent head. To lead and to infect teams with positive attitudes demand good ways and, above all, elegance. But, it seems incredible that in so cibernticos times as now still professionals exist who use the shout and the fear to lead teams. Perhaps for the always increasing pressure for results, perhaps due to same education. But, nowadays, with the therapeutical resources and of training to the disposal of all, who is authoritarian only head wants. Thus, some useful tips that leader and led can use to become the environment of more pleasant work, for worse go here that it is the situation of the company: ) It does not cry out: Nothing desmotivador and unnecessary of what the shout. You find that a professional? independent of the hierarchic position? he goes to make better because the head commanded something to the berros? Shouts and improprios are not more accepted and weigh against the gritalho. They can until resulting in processes civil court jurisdiction for pain and suffering.

Where it is emotional intelligence? Instead of spending the throat to toa, the leader would have to learn to hear the team and to understand the degree of personal and professional motivation of each one. Of this form, it he must argue with calm and, if possible, looking consensus decisions. B) A leader is, before everything, a Solucionador de Problemas. But if to start to arrange attritions to implement the solution that considers adequate, it will start to be a creator of problems. The leader must understand that, all, also it, have limits.

Of this form, it he does not have to charge of the others what it does not obtain to carry through. E, can be flat to remember, but a leader is, before any thing, a laborer-standard. C) If he does not forget them magical words: Good Day! Please! Debtor! Three expressions that open instransponveis doors pparently and promote reactions positive, in most obstinate of the depressive beings.