Surviving Ikea Marketing

In the city where I live, the giant Swedish furniture and home accessories, store opens later this month. Not that they are lacking just free advertising but in recent days have been on the cover of several local newspapers-several times-and radio and television stations here are within an ace of opening a permanent section of information about them. In all that clutter does not cease to be heard here and there resigned timid voices of protest from the traders always in the field, sometimes flavored with apocalyptic predictions. I-respect of the latter, that they are completely wrong and that without any doubt, especially in the medium term, the arrival of Ikea is the best thing that happened in a long time. But to take advantage of the ‘Nordic tide’ would be highly desirable to continue, if not all, some of the following recommendations: – Do not pretend to imitate Ikea, play them on their own ground and with his own weapons is a strategy doomed to failure. – On the contrary it is advisable to exploit what they Unlike Ikea, (like that bring the furniture home, they are mounted and to take the old!). – Ikea will attract to the city, “with the idea of spending money on furniture and home accessories, many, many people who before would never have arisen through here for those occupations. I need to create: Ikea has almost everything and everyone but still many do not find everything they came to buy.

You have to bring them always stores, how? as for example: With billboards in the arrival and departure routes from Ikea To the extent that the provision of commercial space allows, placing near the giant stores (or on the way). Conducting joint advertising campaigns, not only in the city but also in cities and towns where all these people come out. Offering discounts is presented with a ticket to have made a purchase that day at Ikea … (and any other ‘nonsense’ of this kind) Ikea, like many other large stores, “and if you ask all businesses that ‘flower’ about English Cut, – is at once a terrible threat and an opportunity. Details can be found by clicking Master Class or emailing the administrator. The kick was really out of the second depends mainly on the adoption of the marketing strategy. More.