The Challenge Of The Fanatism

The Challenge of the Fanatism Wanderson Vitor Boareto; Graduated History and Bachelor in law; After Graduated History and Social Construction, Docncia of Superior Ensino and Enterprising Education. Summary the text analyzes the process of evolution of the society and its challenges before the fanatism and the fundamentalist aspects spread out by groups in some factions of our society. Beyond the stagnation that the fanatism promotes in its members. Words keys Fanatism, Intolerncia, Society, Manipulation, New Man, Globalization the world of century XXI is the world of the chances, of the advances of science and the technology. The access the information was never so easy and so fast, the chances of courses of superior formation and technician if they find to mounts in some modalities, how much in such a way in the distance actual. They are times of the globalization and the culturao of the nations. ' ' The man of today does not wait of the sky the sprouting of the new man. It tries to create it with the ways that sciences and the biological manipulation supply to it.

In our days the experiment-humanity is in processo.' ' (BOFF, PG12) However, with all the easiness of the modernization infused the fanatic groups are each time more in our society. It has fanatic groups in some sectors, the religion, the sport, the education, the politics and from there for ahead. It is clearly that levels of fanatism ones exist more intense than others, but of any form this way to think and to act takes the intellectual and social stagnation. ' ' In the bourgeois society, the capital is independent and personal, to the step that the active individual does not have independence nor personalidade.' ' (MAX, PG50) the question is also in the sectors that promote this militancy, is true brainwashings, people who suffer from some psychological pathology, is the targets most common.