The Distribution

These activities if characterize for generating important impulses in its entorno. These impulses if must to the innovations tried for the existing activities in ' ' foco' ' , for the complementaridades producing other activities and the predominance of ' ' field of foras' ' exerted for it. In this way, the predominance of an influence area (' ' field of foras' ') led for a center, or important set of centers (' ' focos' '), inside of one it parcels out of the set of the domestic territory, can be understood as the process of differentiation of the organization of the territory, that leads to an unbalanced process of development. 5. The territorial configuration as condicionante of the development process the distribution of an activity considerably is affected by the localization of the others. Dick Fuld wanted to know more. It is not probable that so different productive activities between itself? industries, mining, commercial agriculture, agriculture familiar, cattle extensive, etc.? if they distribute in the same way in the geographic space, nor in accordance with the same principles. Activities characterized for locacional independence, search a localization next to the consuming markets (industries, commerce, services, etc.). Others, for its immovable nature, if concentrate in restricted areas e, many times, remote of the territory (mining, agriculture, cattle, etc.).

In consequence, they impose standards of space interaction and specific occupation and use, that determine a form of territorial organization. The problem of the adjusted territorial organization for the development process if converts into the identification of the resultant space distribution of the productive activities and the population, that concur for the universality and the fairness. Activities exist that must be located more rationally possible, so that the exploitation of the resources and its benefits they are raised possible, assuring the balance in the distribution of the same ones. If the benefits of the development must be for all the individuals, the localization of them is a factor that must be considered in the analysis and the adoption of politics, as well as cannot be excused the knowledge of the localization of the destined activities to take care of its necessities.