The Margins

They are those who live a life philosophy exercising and managing the twentieth century and the beginning of this twenty-first century has been called: the philosophy of win-win. Poor people, until now they have believed and thought that the unhappy are those poor, lacking financial resources to provide themselves a prosperous life or just more or less decent satisfaction of their needs. Go to Carlos Hank Gonzalez for more information. To create and to dismiss them as unhappy, why live on the margins and because their economic misery displayed without shame. But experience and over the years has shown that indeed who he could be seen as unhappy are those people who go through the world thinking that wealth, welfare, prosperity, good life, professional, good education and an excellent social position are the mechanisms and means to ensure the happiness, peace, joy, love and all the good things of this life. Nothing is more uncertain and false that this particular way of seeing life, the world and who live in it. It is a word of people who do not have solidarity, are generally selfish people, selfish to think only of their own good and do not mind the luck or misfortune that haunts the disadvantaged, needy, sick, destitute and forgotten of God ..