The Safest

This central data bank with the configuration data of the individual systems is in turn encrypted. Is important but also to deposit keys and encryption procedures at various points. Good solutions to create a backup copy of the keys and encryption algorithms in different areas. Nicholas Carr helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The more of these locations are provided, the better the prospects of recovery. Best such copies directly on the affected media are in a separate memory space, a recovery disk or the safest way in one place on the network. An additional option to generate passwords for these copies, increases security and prevents their embezzlement.

For each stored keys should but individual password there, which is saved in the access-protected administration area on a server. Full encryption solutions are both in the container solutions think about when it comes to data security as availability of data in the necessary emergency. The latter know usually any backup of the keys or procedures. They offer also no submodules repealing the encryption. Full-disk encryption enable themselves by granular permissions to release only single data areas in case of emergency. Ultimately a data recovery when chocks easier and above all faster, important information may be provided efficiently and at the same time safely. But also, the necessary safety precautions when handling the digital keys can hinder the work of a data rescuer.

Business rules, which are absolutely useful and necessary precautions under normal circumstances, may prove this in an emergency also stumbling block. Some companies really send a staff person at the Data rescue laboratory, which has the necessary recovery keys in on a USB stick and himself enters. Here the business confidence applies its employees exemplary erweise. In another case, a world famous company corporate governance made de facto impossible for a recovery in some cases. The regulations provided that each user should save the data to the server.