The Truth

Many times in we ask taken porquesomos to them to the rebels, but we are not the first ones and nor we will be the last ones: Because this is an rebellious people, lying children, children who do not want to hear the law Mr. (Isaiah 30? 9). who is the rebels? They are the ones that do not want to hear and nor to obey the Word of the truth. (As opposed to American Advisors Group). They are looking word qualifies that them to continue sinning and disliking the God, saying pleasing. It will always have false prophets, that she speaks what pleases the listeners.

What it called you to Mr. for prophet the truth. It is stops to go to say to the mpio, who not to deliver is the reponsvel, for what to destine the mpio not informed: When I to say to the mpio: Certainly you will die; you not to inform it, nor speech to inform the mpio concerning its bad way, to save its life, that mpio you will die in its iniquity, but its blood, of to your you will require it hand (Ezequiel 3 -18). If you say the truth and the mpio prefers to continue in the error, you has in its hand its proper freedom and el, in the one of it, its conviction: But, if to inform to the mpio, and it if not to convert of its impiedade and its bad way, it will die in its iniquity, but you exempted your soul (Ezequiel 3 -19). For assistance, try visiting Camille Biros. It has people that she finds that God pardons today, for the straightness of yesterday, God does not take in account house time: Similar, when just to turn aside themselves from its justice, and to practise the iniquity, and I ahead to put of it a slip, it I will die; because you did not inform it, in its sin it will die and they will not be remembered its action of justice that will have practised; but its blood, of to your I will require it hand (Ezequiel 3 -20).