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without a retention percentage later to fairthat is profitable to optimize. Doctors private patients contribute uberdurchschnttlich, with about 20 percent, to practice winning. Because the proportion of Privatversicherten only about 10 percent but the patients make out with increasing tendency – doctors must earn their money more and more outside the statutory supplied tion (GKV). The practical entrepreneur”as well as the clinic / laboratory management should now with a forward-looking Liquidity strategy worth drawing”thinking and answer the question not only how can costs be reduced significantly?”, but also specifically know what may be the MehrWERTzuwachs of a contemporary ONLINE factoring solution as compared to conventional billing alternatives? ” “ONLINE factoring means: the private / patients self number requirements are sold by the dental practice / lab owner or the clinic prior to maturity at the factor including risk-free guarantee of payment for a settlement fee, the shortest routes electronically”. At the same time, the factoring institution assumes also the collection and Dunning, as well as the often time-consuming litigation, among others, in accordance with the new European order for payment procedure shortened since December 12, 2008.

One thing is certain: the productive time gained is not only for the efficient (Mehrbehandler-) dental practice, the lab owner, but also for the public and others (UNI) dental clinic the most precious resource for improving dynamic of still hidden value and liquidity drivers living EU competitiveness. Unlike in the United States, in England or of Switzerland is in this country in dental surgeries, laboratories or clinics, but still a great catch-up and action, profitable to employ the Bank independent financing instrument ONLINE factoring. 30 percent of German dental surgeries is the traditional factoring methods by post, via floppy disks or (partial) online entry used, but hardly an integrated ONLINE-factoring includes credit check prior to the treatment, simply and quickly in real time carried out, even though virtually every practice computer is Internet-capable. Educate yourself with thoughts from Allianz.