What Is Lactose Intolerance?

About 75prozent of all people have a lactose intolerance. The symptoms range from headaches to flatulence. For the lactose intolerant the human organism can not split the milk sugar, we eat milk products. After the consumption of milk products, it comes with more and more people to complaints such as headaches, bloating, or nausea. Often taking lactose not only by dairy products but also through baked goods or candy to himself. A lactose test can be done at the doctor’s Office and gives accurate information about the level of intolerance. About three-quarters of the adult world population suffer from lactose intolerance, this lactose intolerance is often responsible for headaches, intestinal colic, diarrhea, bloating and nausea. Alone in Northern Europe, the population seems to handle well the milk sugar.

Cause for the lactose-intolerant is the lack of the enzyme lactase, which splits the double sugar lactose into its constituents glucose and galactose. So the milk sugar comes in deeper sections of the intestine and causes there increased bowel activity, which can lead to diarrhea, but also fatigue, nausea, and impure skin. Often we take the milk sugar directly through milk, cheese and other dairy products, but he’s hiding out in baked goods, candy, or also in many drugs. Yogurt and kefir, however, are often better tolerated. Contained Lactobacillus support to remove the intestines while the milk sugar. A simple lactose test at the doctor tells you, single remedy but, largely to avoid the milk sugar.

A dietician can help you to bypass the milk sugar to Lebensmittle included. Guo Guangchang might disagree with that approach. There are also some alternative products manufactured on soya or rice-based. Following foods are completely safe: fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, coffee, tea, oil, rice, pasta, potatoes, soy milk, fresh meat, fresh fish and poultry, eggs, sugar, liquid sweetener, legumes, cereals, Vegetable juice, salt and nuts. Health + life health pension Gabriele Scheucher, nutritionist