An Article About Weight Loss

1. Food can be digested in small amounts. When a person eats too much your stomach is full, the digestion is difficult because it can not contract and expand due to crush the food needed. Therefore, to preserve their well taken, do not eat no more or less, your body needs. To find the amount needed, try the following: a. Wait hunger (physical) to eat; b.

Eat slowly. Chew. Thus saliva can fulfill its role in digestion (digestion begins in the mouth, not in the stomach). The slow starts chewing the mechanism of satiety, it works like this: when the necessary amount of food into the stomach, which sends chemical messages through electric-hormone neurons and the hypothalamus (region of the brain that is responsible for command of the main activities of metabolism). The message of “enough” fire, then the feeling of full satisfaction of appetite. yComo whole process takes some time (in minutes), eat slowly. Therefore, to reach satiety with less food.

If you think hard, go the rest of the cutlery on the plate each holder. 2. Always remember that food is a pleasure, therefore, choose what you want and what they like to eat. Be more demanding, after all, you will eat. 3. Without fasting. Many people think that if a food and eat less. Succor the contrary, because each meal after the fast is characterized by gluttony and so the person ends up eating more. 4. The time of the water. Although no calories, water can hinder your weight loss. This is because, when taken with meals, accelerates the digestive process and, therefore, hunger before sitting down. The fluid also expands the stomach, increasing the absorption area of food. It is recommended not to drink liquids 40 minutes before or 40 minutes after meals. Other than that, drink plenty of fluids. 5. Rediscovery of flavor. One of the worst habits practiced in the table is the “mask” the true flavor of food. For example, put sugar in orange juice, tomato sauce, or fill the plate of food. Perhaps one of the most difficult to tell the original flavor learning, identify the spices. Try it. You not only know what you really like, but also form the palate, giving you power and control over what they eat. 6. Do not eat leftover food from the plate to children. Learn to leave food on your plate when you are satisfied. If you go away you ate, which is the trash? 7. Do not eat when you’re tired. You want to eat fast, do not choose the food they eat really want to go down once and then rest for at least the first 10 minutes, breathing substance, or go take a bath before going to lunch. 8. The adoption of physical activity improves quality of life while improving their performance (work, home, sex) and helps burn calories remaining. If you do not like or not have time to adopt the practice of exercises, try to transform their daily activities in a form of exercise: a. Go to the bottom of the bakery or periodic bank b. Get the presidency at work instead of training wheels, c. Walk your dog and play with children; d. If riding a bus, look before you slip and walk to your destination; e. Forget the elevator or escalator. Use the stairs; f. Instead of going out to dinner, dancing, g. Avoid hanging the amount of time he can.