Antidrug Posters

Government agencies on a regular basis, the different social structures, NGOs and anti-drug committees throughout Russia announced among students contests for the best picture, photo anti-drug propaganda poster on the theme "Say no to drugs!". Such actions have an impact on the minds of young people. What's on the posters depict children and adolescents to participate in such contests? That appears in the expanses of the Internet on drug addiction, we decided to find out by selecting some of the anti-drug posters. What pictures are on the mind of man, urging him not to try not to use drugs? Someone still believes that the shocking anti-drug posters and photos – one of the most effective way to attract attention to the problem of drug abuse among young people. Others, by contrast, believe that, at Figures and anti-drug posters should not be unnecessarily cruel scenes are depicted, because the motivation for recovery can not be built on fear and disgust, it has the opposite effect – rejection. To read more click here: Cuan Coulter. Anti-drug posters should not be displayed in a beautiful form of drugs – this can cause young people to use – say experts.

The unstable mind of the child is easily broken in front of possibilities knowledge of an unknown drug and alluring illusion. The whole world is struggling with the disease of mankind, annually investing huge amounts of money in public service announcements in absurd brochures on prevention of classroom hours in school. But Statistics says that each year more and more people get hooked on drugs. an internet resource. It seems that nobody and nothing can save humanity from a deadly fall. Effective a way to prevent drug abuse through mapping the terrible realities of the drug life? Or today, the search for new forms of influence on the mind of drug addicts is a must in the circumstances of the global spread of drug addiction? On all these questions are not yet able to answer even the experts.